8th Battalion 4th Artillery
8-4-Arty Group FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ answers most commonly asked questions. If you already have subscribed to 8-4-Arty or intend to subscribe, we recommend that you print this FAQ before proceeding further. It will be a useful reference, and will save you a lot of time in getting set up. This FAQ includes coverage of the following topics:

1. Description and purpose of 8-4-Arty.

2. How to subscribe to 8-4-Arty.

3. How to create a link to a Yahoo ID so that the subscriber will have full access to 8-4-Arty, including databases, which are off-limits to subscribers without a link to a Yahoo ID and password.

4. Miscellaneous information regarding 8-4-Arty.

Q: What is the 8-4-arty Yahoo Group?

A: It is an electronic community made up of veterans of the 8th battalion, 4th artillery who served in Vietnam between 1967 and 1971 and other people interested in the 8/4. Members of the group can send and receive email messages to/from the group, post pictures or other documents on the web site, read/view pictures and documents posted by other members and get access to databases of members' contact information.

Q: Can I send messages to the group, post or view pictures, etc. without joining?

A. You can review the messages and most of the information without subscribing (same as joining). However, unless you join, you will not be able to send and receive messages posted to the 8-4-arty group. Also, in addition to subscribing to 8-4-Arty, you must create a Yahoo account before you can see the the databases containing the complete names, addresses telephone numbers, and email addresses of all of the 8/4th vets who have been located.

Q. How do I join?

A. You can subscribe by any of the following:

1. Send a blank email message to 8-4-arty-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Once the subscription is accepted by the moderators, you will have authority to send and receive messages to and from 8-4-Arty. If you do not desire to have access to the 8-4-Arty databases, then nothing further is required.

2. If you are not already a Member of Yahoo, and desire to have full access to the 8-4-Arty databases, go to the Yahoo web site and register as a Yahoo Member at:


If you intend to use your normal email address rather than a Yahoo email address, be sure to list your normal email address as the alternate primary email address when registering with Yahoo. When answering questions about optional email to be sent by Yahoo or advertisers, you most likely will want to check "No." Next, go to 8-4-Arty on Yahoo Groups at:


and then click on "Join this Group."

3. If you are already a Member of Yahoo, then go directly to


and click where it says "Join this Group." After you have been approved as a subscriber, each time you enter this site, you will "Sign In."

4. If you are subscribed to Yahoo and have subscribed to 8-4-Arty by email, you can go to the 8-4-Arty main page at:


and click on the "Conversion Wizard" (which appears on the right side). The Conversion Wizard has separate sections for those who subscribed previously under the the old eGroups format, and persons who have subscribed subsequent to January 26, 2001. Be sure to pick the correct box to enter your mail address to commence the conversion. For example, if you subscribed after January 26, 2001, then on the Conversion Wizard Screen, you will enter only your email address in the section which is left of "Yahoo! Groups Email-only users."

Q. Do I have to be a veteran of the 8th Bn, 4th Arty to join the group?

A. No. Anyone interested in the battalion is welcome, but please make sure that all postings are related to the battalion, artillery,Vietnam or general interest to the group. The moderators request that members who are not veterans of the battalion describe their interest in the group and/or other military units they are/were part of in their Yahoo Groups profile or message to the group. No marketing or other commercial use of the 8-4-arty group will be tolerated. Violations of this will result in sanctions including warnings, setting the members status to "moderated" so postings will be screened before being sent to the group or removing the member from the group.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Nothing. The group is hosted by Yahoo at no cost to the subscribers. The costs are covered by advertising on the web site and at the end of each email message sent to the group.

Q. How do I read messages that other people have posted?

A. Once you have subscribed to the group, messages from the group will be sent to your email address. Read them as you would any other email.

Q. How do I post a message to the group?

A. After you have subscribed to 8-4-Arty, send your email message to:


NOTE: If you try to send an email message from a computer which has a sending email address which is different from the email address under which you subscribed, 8-4-Arty will not recognize the sending email address, and the message will be rejected. Members occasionally overlook the fact that they have changed their email address, or they make small changes which cause 8-4-Arty to reject the message. For example, if you are subscribed under an email address such as Jones@msn.com, and you change your email address to Jones@mail.msn.com, the message will be rejected [this is a common problem].

Q. I just joined. Should I introduce myself to the group?

A. By all means. Please send a message to the group giving your name, the the battery you were in, the dates you served, your rank, what you did in the unit, other military service, what you do now, family, hobbies, etc. Also, please make sure that the administrators have your address and phone number for mailings regarding reunions, etc. It is also a good way to make sure that you know how to post.

Q. What can I post to the group?

A. Anything you want to tell the group or ask the group about your experience in the 8/4 artillery, other military experience that might be relevant, major events in your life or other things that would be of interest to the group as a whole. Please remember to enter a meaningful Subject line. If you receive messages in digest form and want to reply to one of the messages in the digest, please change the subject line to something meaningful (instead of: Digest...,etc.) and only quote that part of the message that you are responding to. Don't include the entire digest in your reply.

Q. What should I not post to the group?

A. Please don't post personal attacks (flames). Corrections to other postings are fine, but do it in the spirit of brotherhood. We went through one war together, we don't want to start another one here. Don't send "Test, please delete" messages. If you want to make sure that you can post and the 8-4-Arty Yahoo Group is working, I'm sure that you can find something of interest to say. Don't forward messages about how to make money fast or about some child who wants to set the record for email messages or just about any message that asks you to forward the message to everyone you know. It is probably a hoax or urban legend. Use common sense. No spam.

Q. What is spam?

A. An example of spam is the chronic forwarding to 8-4-Arty, messages from another source such as another Yahoo group. Unfortunately, this practice has the undesirable effect of merging other groups into 8-4-Arty. The better practice is to invite interested individuals to subscribe to the other group, or to forward the messages to selected individuals who will welcome the receipt of your forwarded messages. It is highly questionable whether a message smultaneously forwarded to everyone in one's address book (including 8-4-arty) willl be of common interest to everyone in his address book. The repetitious posting of the same message is usually considered spam. This does not mean that all forwarded message are unacceptable. However, if you do post a forwarded message, please use good judgment, and remove all of the superfluous material such as forwarding email addresses, etc. The repeated posting of spam will result in the moderators setting your status to "Moderated," in which event only a single copy of each of your original compositions will be sent to the group.

Q. How do I view pictures that other people have posted?

A. Use your web browser to go to:


Then click on the name of the file you want to see. Also, some subscribers have arranged with the moderator to set up a link to their own picture sites on the Yahoo Briefcase. To access this menu, click on:


Q. How do I post my own pictures?

A. Scan the picture and store it on your hard drive. Go to the files area as described above. Click on "Add File" near the top of the screen. Type the name of the file (including the path) as it appears on your computer or click on the Browse button to find the file on your computer. Then type in a description and click on Upload File. Be sure that the pictures have been reduced to a sufficient size and compression so that they do not take up too much disk space and will display properly.

Q. Who are the group administrators?

A. The administrators are 8th Bn 4th Arty veterans:

John McCombmccombpa@aol.com
Charles Whitewhitecgw@amaonline.com
Bill Prichardjwprichard@MWPPLAW.com
Larry Martinllmartin@herff-jones.com
Jerry Mazurigor@scaredofbees.com

Q. How do I gain access to the Databases and create a profile?

A. First you should have a Yahoo ID and a link to 8-4-Arty. Next sign into 8-4-Arty at:


After you are signed into 8-4-Arty, you will see a message near the upper portion of the screen which reads: "Welcome [your ID and your email address]." If you do not see this message, it means that you are not signed into 8-4-Arty. After you are signed in, click on Members on the left side. Locate your email address under Members and click on your ID. Edit your profile accordingly. You can make your profile visible to 8-4-Arty without making it visible to other groups.

Q. Are there any other web sites for the 8th battalion, 4th artillery?

A. Yes. See: http://www.8th-4th-arty.com

Q. I have some names of other people who were in the 8/4 but are not in our group. What should I do with them.

A. Send their name and any other information you have, such as address, phone number and email address to the administrators. If you are in contact with these people, tell them about the group and how to subscribe if they have access to the internet.

Q. I am getting too much mail from the group. What can I do?

A. If you have a Yahoo ID and have created a link to 8-4-Arty where you have full privileges, then click on "Delivery Option on the right side, and set your mail delivery options to Daily Digest or No Email. If you do not have a Yahoo ID link to 8-4-Arty, then you can give an instruction by a blank email message. See instructions for email commands below.

Q. I am going on vacation. How do I stop the mail from the group while I am gone?

A. Before you leave, set your delivery options to "No Mail/Web Only". See the instructions in the "too much mail" question above. When you return, set your delivery options back to "Individual Emails", then go to the Messages area to read the messages that you missed while you were away.

Q. Can I reconfigure my 8-4-Arty subscription without logging on to the 8-4-Arty group site?

A. Yes. The configurations can be changed by a blank email message sent from your computer. The blank email message must be sent from a computer using the same email address as your 8-4-Arty group subscription, otherwise, you may changing a subscription that you do not intend to change. This is particularly important if you are subscribed under more than one email address. The commands are:

8-4-arty-normal@yahoogroups.com [Individual Messages]
8-4-arty-digest@yahoogroups.com [Daily Digest Only]
8-4-arty-nomail@yahoogroups.com [No Messages - Web Only]
8-4-arty-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com [Unsubscribe]
8-4-arty-subscribe@yahoogroups.com [Subscribe]

The commands pertaining to email delivery configurations may be accessed from the main of 8-4-Arty at:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/8-4-arty where it states "Message Delivery, and where the correct commands are already set up by email address links. As previously stated, be sure you are on the right computer when you send a blank message command.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the group?

A. See answer to previous question. NOTE: Before you unsubscribe, consider setting your delivery options to "No Mail/Web Only". You won't receive any mail from the group, but still will be able send messages to 8-4-arty@yahoogroups.com and read message from 8-4-Arty at:


Q. Does my joining 8-4-Arty automatically make me a member of the "8th Battalion 4th Field Artillery Association?"

A. No. To become a member of the 8th Battalion 4th Field Artillery Association, you must submit an application and pay dues of $15.00. We encourage all veterans of the 8th Bn 4th Arty to join the association. Veterans of other artillery units in Vietnam are welcome to join as non-voting associate members. For a copy of the application, go to:


The application and the membership certificate are best portrayed when your screen image is set at 800 x 600 pixels (the standard on most web sites). Print the application, complete it, and mail it with the dues check in accordance with the instructions on the application. The purposes of the association are set forth in the Articles of Association which are found at:


Each member and associate member of the association will receive a membership certificate which is described at:


The only difference in the certificate for an assoiate member is that his principal artillery unit in Vietnam will appear below his name.

Q. How can I find out about other Yahoo Groups?

A. Go to the Yahoo Groups home page at:


Type in a subject and click on "Search" or browse the category headings until you find something of interest. You can join as many groups as you like. Each group that you join will see the same profile that you already entered (You did enter a profile, didn't you?)