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Name: Bill Van De Bogert
Date: 02/6/2011
E-Mail: mcnabbvan@msn.com Comments: I was with 8th 4th in 71 I enjoy the site and remember how sad I was when sgt. Morgan died.
Name: J J Johnson
Date: 01/31/11
E-Mail: john@beckmore.com
Comments: Was gun mech A Btry 8/4 68-69 just to say HI and Thanks to all !
Name: SP/4 Roger Thomas
Date: 1-20-2011
E-Mail: rogvnam1969@yahoo.com
Comments: Hello; Brothers (Fire Support) was in Nam from Oct.19TH. 1969 untill Oct.18th.1970..I was with A1/61 2nd Squad 2nd Platoon at Alpha 4 . I was a Grunt.
I found your site by looking for Alpa-4 Fire Base..great site, welcome home brothers
Name: Michael Lynnes
Date: 12/12/2010
E-Mail: mikelynnes@yahoo.com
Comments: looking for some of the guys that were in 1970 to 1971 that knows taco he shot his little finger off. do you know his real name?
Name: Anthony Whitney
E-Mail: tonymac281@yahoo.com
Comments: My Brother Blake Whitney served with8th/4th. He was KIA and still missed by his family and friends.
10308 Stephen Drive Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
(708) 499 3053
Name: Al Jauquet
Date: 9/4/10
E-Mail: ajauquet@keyengineering.com
Comments: Served with B/8/4 from Fort Sill in 1967 thru Da Nang area 1968. Just was introd to this site....memories! Love to hear from old buddies.
Name: Lenard Rodgers
Date: 08/04/2010
E-Mail: lenardrodgers@yahoo.com
Comments: son found your site,and alerted me. not much time to sit down at computer
Name: Charles G. White
Date: 07/28/2010
E-Mail: whitecgw@yahoo.com
Comments: TO LEONARD RODGERS: You are on our Lost List. Unfortunately, you did not leave an email address with your last message. HELP!
Name: Lenard Rodgers
Date: 7/28/2010
Comments: assigned 8/4 apr. 67 to may 68 worked with hledik, CWO boyle ,conklin, popham, and BOLEN (GOD BLESS HIM ) Ran Bn. Motor Pool
Name: John
Date: 6-7-2010
E-Mail: flirtygrl71@yahoo.com
Comments: Im the daughter of John Jerry Lee he was with the 8th-4th. I am trying to locate some of his fellow army buddies he served with
Name: Lloyd Edwards
Date: 05/28/2010
E-Mail: lloydgedwards@msn.com
Comments: Was Platoon ldr of 1st Plt C troop 3/5 Cav-May through september 1970--looking for my FO--I believe his anme was spelled Pierpont, could be wrong, though. would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Name: William Nedderman
Date: 05/24/2010
E-Mail: thunderbird2@verizon.net
Comments: I was in fire control 8th Bn 4th Arty 1967-68
Name: Dale C Burkhardt
Date: 05/24/2010
E-Mail: cburkhardt@centurytel.net
Comments: great website! Hello to my brothers at Camp Carroll 3/70 - 9/70
Name: Larry Johnson
Date: 05/21/2010
E-Mail: larryjohnson66@comcast.net
Comments: HHC & C Btry 1970-71 8th/4th Looking for more info on D. Slaughter Obit if possible.
Name: Robert King
Date: 5/12/10
E-Mail: kimking08@aol.com
Comments: need info on upcoming reunion.iam kinda handicapped been on crutches since 11/09 need a new knee 6 mos waiting period@ theVA.Trying to contact Scott Stevenson B/Btry. Chief
Name: Robert Branson
Date: 4/28/2010
E-Mail: Brans-forty@sbcglobal.net
Comments: HHB 108th Artillery Group Dong Ha 10/67 to 10/68 91 Bravo Original Party from Ft.Riley. Great Site. Those responsible should be proud.
Name: Ty Cobb
Date: 04/27/2010
E-Mail: tec425@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Wonderful web site. Great layout with many details. I served with the HHB 108TH Artillery in Dong Ha 1967-68. Our Group is just starting to find each other. Thank you!
Name: Ken Capen
Date: 4-15-2010
E-Mail: kcapen@q.com
Comments: I would like to say hello to all the guys that where in the 8th Battalion 4th artillery B battery 1967-1968. Hope to see you at the reunion.
Name: Doug Nelson
Date: 03/22/2010
E-Mail: douglas.nelson@vets.sccgov.org
Comments: I am a vet services rep in CA. I have worked with at least one veteran from your unit on a PTSD, hearing loss or other claim. Pass this link on if youre claiming hearing loss or tinnitus:
Print it out and submit w claim
Name: Joseph S. Ward
Date: 03/17/2010
E-Mail: joemama2002@comcast.net
Comments: Sorry it was tet 1968 the day sam brown &joe ward drove off the doong ha bridge,remember the song?
Name: Joseph S. Ward
Date: 3/17/2010
E-Mail: joemama2002@comcast.net
Comments: C btry 67/68 Just found this sight.Not on lost list?.Would like to thank Sam Brown for driving off Dong Ha bridge the 1st day of TET 67,probably saved my LIFE.
SGT BLUE was from Hoboken NJ
Name: Alan P. Werner
Date: 03/11/2010
E-Mail: harleyal94@yahoo.com
Comments: Just found the web site, recognized some names. I was C Battery Gun #3 from Jan 69 to March 70.
Name: Scott, James H.
Date: 02-28-10
E-Mail: bruiser45@gmail.com
Comments: I am a brother to Joel Scott and have been looking over your web site and can only marvel at what you guys must have lived through. I guess there was a lot of fear at times, I know it would have been for me. I spent 3 years in Army all stateside and got out 1-17-64. My hat is off and I salute each of you those that came back those that did not
Name: Harold Sherill
Date: 2/23/2010
E-Mail: hsherill@gmail.com
Comments: I was with HHB 5/4 Arty Jul 70-71.Seen your guns at A4, C2, Khe Sahn. Enjoyed journal by Charles Adams. Would like to correspond about Lam Som 719.
Name: Emanuel W. Kandis
Date: 02/19/2010
E-Mail: rackerscheese@yahoo.com
Comments: on the missing roster they spelled my last name wrong(Kamdes).Would like yo hear from anyone that was with gun with CHALLENGER on tube.
Name: Jim B. Paschall LTC USAF Ret.
Date: 02/01/10
E-Mail: jimfarmersc@gmail.com
Comments: Sometime in the Summer of 69 I overheard, and taped, the MAYDAY call of Katkiller 12 who announced that his arm was shot off. I would share the tape with the pilot and Whiskey if I had contact.
Name: Robert King
Date: 2/1/10
E-Mail: kimking08@aol.com
Comments: Who was the Medic for B/Battery 8/4 @ Fire Base C-1 June of 1969.
Name: Wayne Rogers
Date: 1-1-10
E-Mail: spiritmom@comcast.net
Comments: da bear here,i call dwight slaughter home a few months ago,and found out he past away feb.of 2009.we where in c,btry gun 1 70/71 together ( cancer ). I had called charles white, but never saw his name on died after vietnam his wife cheryl is 423-715-7476 or432-942-4142 his old #

ph 985-868-6315 wayne rogers.

Name: Dennis Roufs
Date: 12-26-09
E-Mail: droufs@sbcglobal.net
Comments: was looking through your articles 8th-4th. was there 70-72
Name: Van R Hollifield
Date: 12-27-09
E-Mail: randyhollifield@yahoo.com
Comments: Very glad to find you site today. I was with the 2nd 94th artillery 175 SP at Camp Carroll and surrounding area 1967 and early 68. The 2/94 had their reunion at Branson mo. this past october. Best to you and the 8/4. Randy
Name: Tom Rainey
Date: 10/25/2009
E-Mail: trainey@suscom-maine.net
Comments: I was assigned to Svc Btry from Oct 70 to Mar 71. Came over from 108th Gp and was assigned to the Dong Ha PX.
Name: Harold Gugel
Date: 10/04/2009
E-Mail: hank.gugel@ngc.com
Comments: Stumbled across this fine website and greatly enjoyed reading all of the information. Thank you for your service. Best regards, Harold Gugel 2/94 Arty. 70-71
Name: Thurman Spainhour
Date: 08/28/2009
E-Mail: TJS120550@AOL.COM
Comments: Phone 336-993-5622 Adress 5470 Stigall Road Kernersville NC 27284
name: Joseph Gonzales
Date: 8/17/09
E-Mail: jos.gonzales@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I was with H BTRY from May 68 to Dec 68 SPC 4 MOS 36k20 I was also with 3rd / 6th H BTRY from Dec 67 to May 68
Name: Gary Warrick
E-Mail: 48guns@gmail.com
Comments: Hey guys, great website! I was with the 2nd/12th arty in nam 69-70.Also served with the 48th AHC,Jokers 70-71,,,
Name: Nick Kuntz
Date: 03/09/2009
E-Mail: nkuntz1027@aol.com
Comments: Just found this site. I was in SVC Btry 1Apr69 to Mar 70. Bn personnel but many trips on ammo runs to FSB,s. Like to contact Gary Carlson, (Ammo Sgt) Ralph Ropp (Driver) Welcome Home everyone
Name: Ironhand41
Date: 03/12/09
E-Mail: ironhand41@comcast.net
Comments: I was with 1/44 Arty, Dusters in 1968 and served all over Leatherneck Square. Bumped into lots of you but dont recall any names. Nice webpage and excellent pics. Good work
Name: Eddie Boyles
Date: 2/22/09
E-Mail: redflash123@gmail.com
Comments: I was in 8th of the 4th C Bttry Gun Sec.3 from Jul 67- Jan 68. I Was the M548 driver for Gun 3. I still have contact with Ben Alexander and Tom Maul .If you remember me, Id like to hear from you. In Jan of 68 I Was with 1st of the 40th, Driver for Fun.
Name: Ava and Moose
Date: 12/16/2008
E-Mail: pepr00@comcast.net
Comments: Moose and I would just like to wish all the reunion members a very Merry Christmas & Bubbly New Year! We look forward to seeing the group in 2010!
Name: DMZ_Marine
E-Mail: DMZ_Marine@charter.net
Comments: Nice site ..Brought back a lot of memories.I was with 2/26 marines on the rock pile, Con Tien and Leatherneck Square. Semper Fi
Name: George Johnson
Date: 11/02/2008
Comments: Kenny was a great friend by many, he will be missed.
Name: Mike Fishbaugh
Date: 10/29/2008
E-Mail: smfishbaugh@mikrotec.com
Comments: http://www.thetowntalk.com/article/20081029/OBITUARIES/81028028 Funeral
services for Kenneth W. Slaydon, 56, of Leesville will be Thursday, October 30 at 3 p.m. in the Lobby of Memorial Funeral Home Chapel in Leesville, with Rev. Melton Mitchell will offiate.
Name: Robert L. DuMonte
Date: 9/30/08
E-Mail: busybob55@insightbb.com
Comments: I served with B Btry, 8/4th Arty at FSB C-2 from 1/70 thru 6/71. My friend Donald
Gibler lost his life Feb 71 near Laos and the DMZ. I am glad that I finally found a site that relates to my service. I was awared the Bronze Star for valor and one for merit.
Name: Henry Knaack
Date: 08/25/2008
E-Mail: hpknaack@hotmail.com
Comments: Mr. White - Sorry about lack of info. I was with HHC from deployment to July 1968.
Phone is 253-826-2945. E-mail is as above. Thanks
Name: Henry Knaack
Date: 08/25/2008
E-Mail: hpknaack@hotmail.com
Comments: I was with HHC 8/4 from deployment to July 1968 as commo specialist. Need help
with PTSD claim for several incidents. Please e-mail. Or call 253-826-2945. Would also like to hear if others are dealing with Parkinsons.
Name: Morton Levee
Date: 6/02/08
E-Mail: mlevee@ec.rr.com
Comments: Stationed at Dong Ha 03/67-12/68. Served with Svc. btry 8/4 delivering ammunition
and projectiles to all Firebases under our charge. It saddens me to think of all the lives lost for no valid reason. I hope that as time goes on, that all men will learn to live in peace and harmony. God bless al.
Name: Steven Price
Date: 05/03/2008
E-Mail: smprice@att.net
Comments: Im sorry for missing the reunion in Washington. My heartfelt best regards to all who are there and to those who are fallen. C Btry 8/4 Arty. May69-May70.
Name: John W Whisnant
Date: 3-4-08
E-Mail: johnbettyalex@aol.com
Comments: My brother and I were in B btry 69 thru 3-4-71, left the day DON GIBLER WAS
KILLED. Looking for DUMONT, and FRANK NAVARIO.my brother was DALE.
Name: Art Orszula(Ssg-Rock)
Date: 2/7/08
E-Mail: aorszula2310@charter.net
Comments: Great site. Anybody out there that was there with me? 1969-1970 Svc Battery, Supply
Ssg. Like to hear from you.
name: Jacki Lynnes
Date: 01/18/08
E-Mail: lynnesjacki@yahoo.com
Comments: My husband is looking for any that was with 108th 8bt 4th Arty.
Name: Lou Sias
Date: 12/29/1942
E-Mail: glenretta@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I am looking for anyone that was in the G Battery Roughriders Gladators. From
October 1967 to October 1968 I was on Gladators #61 #62 #63 #64, thanks.
Name: Gerry Dubois
Date: 11/20/2007
E-Mail: gerryandvivian@yahoo.com
Comments: I am looking for Terry Yee. He was with the 5/4 Artillery but I thought maybe
someone might have run across him at a Veterans Event. We were wounded together on January
15, 1969. I believe he was from Hawaii. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Name: Dave Corney
Date: 11/15/2007
E-Mail: dcorney1@insightbb.com
Comments: I was part of 8/4 Arty from September 1970 to August 1971. I was at JJ Carroll, C-
2, and on the Laosian border and at Khe Shan. Jeff Davis & I came in together. Jeff has since past. Don Gibler was my friend who passed at Khe Shan. 175 mm Black Magic Woman was our gun
and we stood strong in Khe Shan! Fond memories of great people.
Name: Jeffry M Beban
Date: 11/07/2007
E-Mail: jbeban@hawaii.rr.com
Comments: I was proud to be with the 8/4th from 1967 to 1968 with headquarters battery and
would like to be added to the found list.
Name: Michael Stephenson
Date: 09/22/2007
E-Mail: stephmic@aquinas.edu
Comments: Welcome Home. My father John H. Stephenson served with 8/4 Arty B Battery from
fall 1967 to summer 1969. I cant remember which gun, but I know he served under Capt. ONeill.
Does anybody remember him? He was with 8/4 B through Da Nang, Hill 65, An Hoa, Don
Name: Marcus Whitt
Date: 09/09/2007
E-Mail: mwhitt4190@aol.com
Comments: Great site...been to many of the firebases hauling support with A Battery, 377th Arty, Aviation. Helicopters with the cannonshell on them....1971
Name: Gary Lutz
Date: 07/27/07
E-Mail: gjlutz@magellanhealth.com
Comments: Was with the 8th Bn 4th Artry S Battery from Sep 69 to Oct 70 great to see allthese pictures brings back a lot of memories.
Name: Allen Casteel
Date: 06/08/07
E-Mail: blacknewport65@hotmail.com
Comments: Looking for Stephen A. Coggen (Cogger, Cosser, or Cossen), served 8th BN 4th
ARTY C BTRY in Vietnam.
Name: Bob Hart
Date: 05/13/07
E-Mail: REHart2@cox.net
Comments: Looking for members of HHB 108th Arty, Dong Ha 69/70, served in the Commo
Name: Amber Coffman
Date: 04/17/2006
E-Mail: sunflowereyes2829@yahoo.com
Comments: My father was Frank Coffman who was in Alpha Unit. I was wondering if anyone
remembered him and had any stories they wanted to share with me. He passed away in August of
2005. I thank you in advance.
Name: Larry Bridges
Date: 02/24/2007
E-Mail bridgeslarryj@yahoo.com
Comments: Came across this site over a year ago white reseaching Pres D & VA for parents!
Been meaning to respond since. Served at H 9/69- 10/70. Remembering Ron Maas, Leo Wright,
Dennis Cough, Michael Page, David Wadsworth, James Lucas et al whos names and sometimes
faces time has erased! Thanks for the site!
Name: David J. Pelkey
Date: 01/26/2007
Comments: I am happy to see that the found list is getting bigger. Does any body know the
whereabouts of SGT Pennington HHB 68-69. He was a TTY operater.
Name: Jimmy Neese
Date: 12-11-2006
Comments: I was the Driver of a tractor and trailer that hauled gun powder to all the gun batteries mostly 1970 and 1971 Service Battery with Lt. Shurtleff and William Oller and Jack somebody from Montana His brother was Col.chopper mechanic. If anyone remembers me or knows the whereabouts of Thurman B. Day from North Carolina Give me a call 770-364-8875.
Name: Bob Offerdahl
Date: 11/25/2006
E-Mail: boboffer3@comcast.net
Comments: Just surfed in, great site. Welcome Home friends. I served in Bravo Battery, 3/13
Arty, 25 Infantry Division,1970. Our guns were 109s, we were at the southern end of Vietnam.
Stop by and visit sometime.
Name: Michael Stivers
Date: 09/10/2004
E-Mail: mstivers@c3bb.com
Comments: Just found this site. I was clerk at A Btry, 8th Bn, 4th Arty Jan 69 - Mar 70.
Name: Sharon Fina
Date: 8/25/04
E-Mail: slinkjag@yahoo.com
Comments: I never said who my dad was. Joseph K. Simmons also known as little joe. he served in 68 - 69.
Name: Sharon Fina
Date: 8/25/04
E-Mail: sharon.fina@gte.net
Comments: Im glad I found this web site for my dad. Does any one out there remember him he
served in 68-69 he drove an ammo truck named Susie Q named for my mom.
Name: Larry Gilliland
Date: 08/20/2004
E-Mail: Larry.Gilliland@Bellsouth.com
Comments: I was known as Grit,,worked in service Battery, ammo section..mostly on escort
jeep..Any friends out there?
Name: G. McAninch
Date: 08/12/04
Comments: There was a Paul Mooney in Bn maintenance 67-68
Name: Deborah McCabe
Date: 06/12/2004
E-Mail: MAVSnews@aol.com
Comments: Want to help you find your buddies. MILITARY & VETERAN SEARCH [hardcopy
newsletter] will post your search -- there is NO cost to you. Just send the info. on your
buddy/buddies along with the contact info. you want included. Issues come out every 3 months.
Name: Ken Brewer
Date: 06/10/2004
E-Mail: whitecrw@hotmail.com
Comments: Camp Carrol 71 Got deactivated Nov 71 Watched Con Tien being overrun .Bbtry
2nd/4th. Looking for old buds . If you were there at this time , Contact me . SMILE
Name: Michael Frost
Date: 5/24/04
E-Mail: michaelfrost01@aol.com
Comments: I was at HHB from Jan 69/Aug70 Dong Ha i was a perimeter guard. Would like to hear from/any one who remembers.
Name: Michael Frost
Date: 5/24/04
E-Mail: michaelfrost1@yahoo.com
Comments: I was at HHb /1969/1970/do any remember a michael frost/i was a perment guard
Name: Tom Sturgess
Date: 05/21/2004
E-Mail: tsturgess@finsvcs.com
Comments: I was A BTRY FDO, Oct 70 - May 71, after 4 months as FO attached to 3/5 CAV.
Would love to hear from anyone. Remain good friends with Dave Lurix, of C BTRY.
Name: Gene Lowe
Date: 7May04
E-Mail: ethomaslowe@comcast.net
Comments: Looking for anyone who served w/5th 175 Guns @ DongHa -Camp Carrol - Rockpile-
Vandergrif. I got that five bucks I owe ya. Smile.........
Name: David Jurin
Date: 5/6/04
E-Mail: davidjur@earthlink.net
Comments: In country 1968-69 Bn Maint Donga Ha Remember Sgt Smallwood? or Moose?
Name: Matthew J. Kirchner
Date: 4/30/2004
E-Mail: mkirch@provide.net
Comments: This is a wonderful site for the families of those who served in Vietnam. It has helped
me get a better understanding of what my father went through.
Name: Robert Cribb
Date: 04/10/2004
E-Mail: sncri4@msn.comr
Comments: i was with the 1967/,july t0 1968 july 8 th and 4th in dong ha and cam lo. i was the
cook that did everything but cook. i was head chef. please send messages.
Name: Greg Ladesich
Date: 02/26/2004
E-Mail: GLadesich@aol.com
Comments: I was with a Alpha plt.1st8 Howitzer Battery (USMC) attached to your unit at C-1.I
think we got there just about Christmas 67.I was always amzed how you guys always had ice and
movies..Smper Fi.
Name: Chuck Murray
Date: 02-04-04
E-Mail: murray620@cox-internet.com
Comments: Was with metro at Camp Carroll 70-71. Would like to hear from anybody in the bn.
Love you guys. Chuck
Name: Chuck Orr
Date: 1-26-04
E-Mail: mkultra69@mail.com
Comments: I drove ammo from April 69 until A Btry moved from the Rockpile to Camp Carroll
in Oct 69. I was a gun bunny until March of 70
Name: Dave Hornbarger
Date: 01/25/2004
E-Mail: dave@tebone.net
Comments: Im looking for any Artillery OCS graduates from the 60s, especially class 31-67.
Please contact me if you get this message. Thanks Dave Hornbarger B/4/60 2/68-2/69
Name: Dale Hemrick
Date: 01/22/2004
E-Mail: PerfectLightRcng@aol.com
Comments: Greetings, I was at Camp J.J.Carroll,in late 67-early 68 w/Seabees,ran rte.9,between
Quang Tri,and Camp Carroll,ambushes seemed to be frequent!
Name: CSM(r)G.Huber
Date: 01/16/2004
E-Mail: glhuber@msn.com
Comments: Please establish a link for http://five-four-fa.fifthinfantrydivision.com/ . This website
has been rebuilt by a member of its original web designer team and it serves as a memorial to SGT
Tommy Dorris, a FO SGT for 5th BN 4th FA, who was the original site
Name: Thursh
Date: 01/11/04
E-Mail: topseller51@alephia.net
Comments: Trying to help vet who was with 8/4 arty. SVC Baty.70-71.Please contact Ronald
Sabot 724-274=5008
Name: Stephanie D.
Date: 01/07/2004
E-Mail: stephanie7752@comcast.net
Comments: I did not fight in Vietnam, for I am too young, but some of the people I have met say
that I died in Vietnam. If you knew Gary P. Westcott, let me know. Thank you.
Name: Allan Sartini
Date: 12/1/03
E-Mail: DeeDee591@cox.net
Comments: Was with Alfa 4 C-Batt. 70-71. Looking for name of medic, (c batt doc) help, thank

Name: Jim Lagemann
Date: 22Nov 2003
E-Mail: lagejs@ihug.com.au
Comments: Enjoyed the read after 30 years. I was with A and C Btry 70-71.Gun 3 andgun 1 C
btry. lagejs@ihug.com.au (And gun one A btry)">And gun one A btry. They called me Tiny for no good reason. Thanks for the history.
Name: Neil Warner
Date: 11/18/2003
E-Mail: nwarner46142@yahoo.com
Comments: DaNang 67 & 68 B Bat 8/4 Arty Remember the trips to hill 65? Miss you guys.
Name: Bruce Paxton
E-Mail: sneakywhite@yahoo
Comments: Last message was not good. sneakywhite@yahoo.com. Was a crew chief for the 108th
arty 70-71
Name: Paxton, Bruce J.
Date: 10/13/03
E-Mail: sneakywhite@yahoo.com
Comments: Was with hd. 108 avn. flew as crew chief for all of you guys...would love to hear from
you. Sneakywhite the Norther Most. Bruce Paxton
Name: John T. Jamieson
Date: 09/09/2003
E-Mail: jackojtj@adelphia.net
Comments: Thanks to your site I have found one of the original members of HHB 108th Arty
from Ft. Riley Would like to hear from others who have served in HHB 108.
Name: Billie Zuehl
Date: 09-16-2003
E-Mail: bzuehl@gvec.net
Comments: Just found out about this site. My brother James Wood was in the 8th Bn 4th Arty. He was killed on March 10, 1968 at Dong Ha.
Name: Roy Mercer
Date: 08/28/2003
E-Mail: rmercer@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Cousin of James w. Wood 8th Bn 4th Arty. KIA Dong Ha on March 10, 1968. Would
like to contact anyone who knew him. Still miss him even after all these years.
Name: ex-Lt. Ronnie E. Duckett US Army
Date: 08/14/2003
Comments: I served with G Btry 29 Arty (searchlights) 1st plt in Phu Bai from 5/69 (3mo.) Had
lights in this area to DMZ and about. Good pictures.
Name: Walt Neller
Date: 07/26/2003
Comments: I served with 3Bn 9th Mar 6/67-2/69, just a note to say thanks to you guys and your
Big guns for helping to keep us alive. Semper Fi
Name: John Allen
Date: 07/22/03
E-Mail: jallen39@att.net
Comments: Hello, While I was not a member of your Bn in Viet Nam ( I was with the 6/11 FA in
Southern I Corps), I did take basic training conducted by the 8/4 th at Fort Riley KS in July and
Aug of 1961. I am trying to collect the unit crests of all the units I wa
Name: Wayne Rogers
Date: 7-20-03
E-Mail: dabear7071vet@aol.co
Comments: I was on gun 1 C BTRY animal farm Mar.70 to Feb. 71.I would like to hear from
Fellow Animals Dig It.It dont mean Nothing,There it is.Hearing BAD!!! (DA BEAR)SEE YA
Name: Terry Scruggs
Date: 06-01-03
E-Mail: tscruggs@aol.com
Comments: I was Catkiller 17 at Dong Ha about August 68 to March 69. I am sure that some of
the guys in the back seat fired your guns.
Name: Wm Paul Gruendler
Date: 05-31-2003
E-Mail: grundy@military.com
Comments: Viet Nam, 71: Army Infantry C Co1/20 11 Bde AMERICAL; Desert Storm:

FABn, 196 Bde, 8 SP (M-110-As). THANKS for site!
Name: Jason Sartini
Date: 05/22/03
E-Mail: jackel_762x39@yahoo.com
Comments: I am proud that my dad was a member of this unit. I just wanted to thank you all for
welcoming him back into his other family. You all welcomed him back into your brotherhood.
You gave something back to him that he lost back in Nam. I thank you for that.
Name: Paul Mooney
Date: 05202003
E-Mail: pjmooney@mac.com
Comments: My name is Paul Mooney and Im from the Bronx, NYC. I served with the 8/4 from
Sept. 1969 to February 1970 as an artillery surveryor and would like to make contact with anyone
who remembers me.
Name: Bill Fesler
Date: 05-20-2003
E-Mail: feslerwt@gte.net
Comments: Hello--I was @ Rockpile from june 69 to Sept 69..The nite before we pulled out we
saw PUFF and the next day after arriving in Okinawa we were told the rest of Rockpile was
over-ran...can anyone get with me on this event for my sanity---anyinfo please than
Name: Clyde Lucero
Date: 5-16-2003
E-Mail: rcd0110@msn.com
Comments: I Was in C2 b battery 8/4 6/1970 thru5/1971.Ammo section at C2 and gun 4 I think ??
at laos border and j j carroll when I left country
Name: rocco passarella
Date: 04-30-03
E-Mail: kilo411@attbi.com
Comments: hill65 & around the nam
Name: Michael T. Armstrong
Date: 04-28-2003
E-Mail: toparmstrong@yahoo.com
Comments: I was at C-2 and JJ Carrol 70 to sept 71. Friends were Ben Weedman and I was the

Name: Peter Kimball
Date: 03/15/03
E-Mail: kay@spiderweb.com.au
Comments: Very Good site. Was in 12 Fld Regt, A Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Name: Richard Thomas
Date: 3-12-03
E-Mail: RTLandscap@aol.com
Comments: Nam 70/71usmc,tad mac/v ducduc/dialoc,hill-10,55,327
Name: DeWilde, Mike ( Doc)
Date: 03/08/2003
Comments: I will mail some pictures and send a donation for a memorial.
Name: Larry Gilliland (GRIT)
Date: 02/24/2003
E-Mail: L.Gilliland@bridge.bellsouth.com
Comments: Hello to Anyone from the Svc Battery 1970. I Was
On the Escort Jeep Named Reb.
Name: Bill Peck
Date: 01/21/2003
E-Mail: lpeck@ec.rr.com
Comments: Could anyone give me hist. on the Army 175 base(Camp Campbell)that moved to
Camp Carroll around Aug/Sept of 1967. Not much is out there for some reason?????
Name: Andy Kawalec
Date: 1/16/2003
E-Mail: awaleca@wmconnect.com
Comments:I was with the 8/4 from 1967 to july of 1968. I was in HHB battery. at dong ha and
would like to hear from anyone that would like to write.Last year I contacted Darrel Chambers
who I hadnt spoke to in over 30 years. Drop me a line. thanks Andy

Name: Jerry Madsen
Date: 01/12/2003
E-Mail: madsenjerry@hotmail.com
Comments: I was in Vietnam 108th 8/4 68 69
Name: Marvin Beamer
Date: 01/10/2003
E-Mail: beamer@stny.rr.com
Comments: B Battery oct 69 to oct 70 radio teletypewriter operator rig shot up returned to phu bai
Name: Chuck Truitt
Date: 01/10/2003
E-Mail: wctruitt@sunny-net.ne.jp
Comments: Greetings, Just found this site. I was a Marine, E5 Sergeant, on Fuller from Sept69 -
Feb70. When most of the Marines left and were replaced by soldiers from 1st of the 5th; I was one
of the hand full of Marines left there from 1st Radio Battalion.
Name: Mike Robinson
Date: 01/04/2003
E-Mail: MRhogwood@aol.com
Comments: Fantastic Red Leg site! I served on Marine 105s in the mountains Northwest of Kha
Sahn. Your stories & photos are great.
Name: Gary F. Vancena
Date: 12/25/2002
E-Mail: gvance@tc3net.com
Comments: A good site. I was with you guys on the USS Upshur the summer of 67. I was with the
1/14th. 4th Inf. Div. Let you guys off in Danang and continued to Quin Nhon.
Name: Gary A. Ferrari
Date: 12/23/2002
E-Mail: garyferrari@hotmail.com
Comments: I would like to correct a 35 year old mistake.i was with B 3rd tanks U.S.M.C.on
J.J.Carroll,67-68.on the south wire, to your C.A.I never spoke one word to any of your people.I
would like to do that now.
Name: John S. Hillman
Date: 12/14/2002
E-Mail: catkillerjsh@aol.com
Comments: Great site guys. I flew some of your AOs while with the Catkillers. Also attended
your 2002 reunion. Keep up the good work. Catkiller 46/3...out
Name: Msgt Ret M. T. Brasher USMC
Date: 12/10/2002
E-Mail: oldmar58 @aol.com
Comments: I was in ammo dump at dong ha when it was hit, near where first round hit. Was wounded. We were trapped there for several hours in bunker before we ran out. Good site
Name: Mark Byrd
Date: 12/11/2002
E-Mail: mark@markbyrd.com
Comments: Looking for aerial artillery observer or fac who used the call sign CatKiller 39 in
southern I Corps, August 19, 1967. Need to interview re: Steve Pless, USMC MOH
Name:P.C. Herbig
Date: 10/21/2002
E-Mail: the lonecrow@aol.com
Comments: Looking for anyone who knew an8" howitzer called easy2 at c-1 late69-70. Need imfo
for a ptsd claim.
Name: Gene Lowe - Sgt - USMC
Date: 09/08/2002
E-Mail: ethomaslowe@comcast.net
Comments: I was with 5th 175 Guns @ Dong Ha -Camp Carroll, Rockpile, Stud -
May1969-1970. MAjor Atkins = C.O. Anyone please email me... Semperfi We were attached to
108th Arty
Name: Mike Ries
Date: 08/23/2002
E-Mail: mrries1@aol.com
Comments: Great sight. I was with 3rd.8" How. Btry (SP) 11th Marines from 8/68-10/70 red
beach, hill 55,65,52,34 AnHoa and LZ Baldy
Name: Carl Moore
Date: 07/23/2002
E-Mail: DEAU@military.com
Comments: ...Am in the grp nw...but thought I ought to sign... was F/26th-TAB attached to
8/4Arty..My nam dates are 02AP69 to 20OCT70
Name: Tom
Date: 07/05/2002
E-Mail: taindow@plymstock.plym.sch.uk
Comments: Hi. iam amazed with your site and i respect you all i am from england and 13 years
old i am harold alexanders freind
Name: Charles Murray
Date: 06/18/02
E-Mail: cchuckmurray@aol.com
Comments: I served with a batty at camp carroll 70-71 I was in metro it great to see so manny
guys that are coming to the reunion
Name: John Johnson
Date: 06/07/2002
E-Mail: scootnblu@aol.com
Comments: 1970-71 powder man on gun 175 sp at charlie 2 have pics to post and an intrested in
joining ass ociation .nice shots of winter firing gun 1 .over and out.
Name: Robert Morecook
Date: 04/19/2002
E-Mail: rmorecook@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi. You had some questions on your group about AFVN. You can hear AFVN again
at http://www.geocities.com/afvn i tried to join your group to answer them but you turned me
down! guess i did not know the password.:-) best wishes, then SP5 Bob Morecook,
Name: Doug Meyers
Date: 04/19/2002
E-Mail: dfmeyers@worldnet.net.att.net
Comments: Hi guys, Would like to here from some one that was at the rock pile in
Name: Herald Lane
Date: 04/10/2002
E-Mail: herald77002@yahoo.com
Comments: Say guys glad to find some the men that was in Nam with me in 68 at Dong Ha and
long time no hear from. Herald
Name: Buzz Dube
Date: 04/08/2002
E-Mail: LDUBE 59621@AOL.COM
Comments: I Served Svc Battery Dong Ha Feb 71-oct 71 like to here from any guys who care to jaw!
Name: Herald Lane
Date: 03/18/2002
E-Mail: herald77002@yahoo.com
Comments: I was glad to find this site because it help me find some of guys I served with in Nam
(68--69) Thanks
Name: Raymond Vasquez
Date: 03/13/2002
E-Mail: compa00@aol.com
Comments: I Served with D Btry 8/4 Attached from B Btry 6/32 on JJ Carroll
Name: Herald Lane
Date: 02/21/2002
E-Mail: herald77002@yahoo.com
Comments: Nice to have you guys around. 68--69, Dong Ha
Name: Joe Havasi
Date: 02/06/2002
E-Mail: haveaseat@aol.com
Comments: Great to be in touch with all you guys. Some of my nicest memories are from the
8/4.Trying to get in touch with Leonardis SGT and Naples CPT, CUZ SP5. Actually happy to hear
from anybody.
Name: Dallas M. Horton
Date: 01/31/2002
E-Mail: catalogman@ozarkisp.net
Name: Gary A Ferrari
Date: 01/24/2002
E-Mail: garyferrari@hotmail.com
Comments: I served with ?B?Co, 3rd Tank Bat, 3rd Marines, 1967-68. Camp J.J.Carroll was our
Co.Hqts. Just read Doug Shifflett's ambush account, If he's willing, I NEED to talk.
Name: Joe Esposito
Date: 12/09/2001
E-Mail: oefab@qwestonline.com
Comments: Served all of '68 at Dong Ha. Looking for John Hammond, Gary Beban, Stagner,
Bobby D. Smith, Juarez, Harold Ownsby, Blick Wells, Crash Wilson, Frankie ?Rubber Legs?
Strehle, Barney, Jimmy from Nebraska, Jonesie Liptack the medic.
Name: Thomas Maul
Date: 12/01/2001
E-Mail: tmaulsarmy@aol.com
Comments: I served with the 8th of the 4th from it started in the states. Rotated out sometime in
early 68. I'm looking for members of C-Btry during that time, 67-68. Mini reunion.
Name: W. M. Wadlington
Date: 11-23- 2001
E-Mail: ack.Wadlington@worldnet.att.net
Comments: I was in 8/4 th from Apr 1968 -Dec 1969, A, C, and Hqs. Heard from Charles White
today about the reunion.
Name: Michael Cook
Date: 11-03-2001
E-Mail: oclac@mediaone.net
Comments: I was assigned to the 8th of the 4th Service Battery from June 71 until Oct 71. Would
love to hear from you guys.
Name: Wendy & Richard Sharpe
Date: 10-20-2001
Comments: Very interesting!!
Name: Jim Finnegan
Date: 10-14-2001
E-Mail: innegan@cmacwarrior.com
Comments: Great Site!
Name: Fred Jefferds
Date: 10-12-01
E-Mail: derfj6@myvisto.com
Comments: Great site, I served in 5th bn 4th Arty 7/68 - 7/69, DS arty for First Bde 5th mech. We
fired many missions with the 8th of the 4th .
Name: Loyd Bishop
Date: 10-10-2001
E-Mail: dianabishop@hotmail.com
Name: David dMizell
Date: 09-30-2001
E-Mail: mizell@hiwaay.net
Comments: Great web site!!!!! I was next door to you guys in Dong Ha in 68 severed with 3/5
cav. Does anyone remember 1sg Tom Mizell 8/4 arty We spent a few days together in Apr.
Name: Howard Berlinski
Date: 09-26-2001
Comments: I served with the 108th Arty Gp. In Dong Ha from Oct 67-Oct. Remember the ammo
dump blowing up also the small one 3rd Marine Division. Write.
Name: Paul J. Swartz
Date: 09-21-2001
E-Mail: schmallie49@netzero.net
Comments: C-Btry, 1/40 7-69 to 11-69 C-Btry, 8/4 11-69 to 9-70 Con Thien Conway,
Krivinchuk, Laird, Coolihan, Hernandez, Werner, Sgt. Rolf. Just a few names.
Name: Michael B. Minor
Date: 09-18-2001
E-Mail: nh6cj@yahoo.com
Comments: I was in the 8/4th in the METRO Section from May 0f 70 till Dec of 71. retired from
active duty Oct 87. Mike Minor
Name: Michael B. Minor
Date: 09-18-2001
E-Mail: nh6cj@yahoo.com
Comments: I was in the 8/4th in the METRO Section from May 0f 70 till Dec of 71. retired from
active duty Oct 87. Mike Minor
Name: Bob Ayers
Date: 09-05-2001
E-Mail: ayers@bright.net
Comments: Hi Got a phone call from Larry Martin on labor day, we were on the DMZ together in
1970. I'm new here so if you remember me E-Mail me. love to hear from you. ?animal
Name: William Carr
Date: 09-04-2001
E-Mail: wbcarr@hotmail.com
Comments [Limit to 200 characters - about 5 lines]: 10/70-10/71 I was in gun section #1. At A4
& C2 I would like to hear from any of you.
Name: Terry J. Belia
Date: 09-03-2001
E-Mail: TJBDallas@home.com
Comments: My Gawd!! After 30+ years I stumble onto this wonderful site. My brain is reeling
with the memories. Was with HHQ at Dong Ha from Ft. Sill through 5/68. Hooch was across
from HQ office. Write. Don't be a stranger.
Name: Doug Shifflett
Date: 08-31-2001
E-Mail: dshifflett@earthlink.net
Comments: Great website.
Name: Dan Ward
Date: 08-19-2001
E-Mail: danward-tn@worldnet.att.net
Comments: I served as AXO and then XO of C Btry 5/4 Arty on C-2 from Sept 1969 thru July
1970. (I was in the 155 btry that was across the street from your Btry of 175's.) You have a great
site and I enjoy visiting it. I especially enjoyed reading today's (08/19/20
Name: Cliff Hughes
Date: 08-16-2001
E-Mail: cliff12@swbell.net
Comments: It is still a great site as well as the Group site. Thank You
Name: Ed Oleyn
Date: 08-15-2001
Comments: I was with the 8/4 arty b-btry on the 175's gun # 4. The date was about 6-14-71 at
firebase JJ Carroll we were shooting a fire mission on a 175 named the ?Black Magic Women?
when a 122 landed and hit the corner of our powder bunker. Three guys were killed
Name: Ed Oleyn
Date: 08-15-2001
Comments: I was with 8/4 B-Btry,175's at JJ Carroll on gun #4.On 6-15-71, I was hit with a piece
of a 122 rocket and sent home. Can anyone recall that night of events. ED O.
Name: Carl L. Moore
Date: 08-14-2001
E-Mail: dididadi-dadada@sfahq.com
Comments: Was in RVN 02AUG69 - 20OCT70, a lot of time N. of rt9, a lot around A-2. Was a
Target Acquisition Specialist.(17c) Too bad we couldn't all make it home...Glad you did/I did. am
also at QuangTri-FO@sfahq.com ...1970 ARVN LTC 1st Div Hoa Pham has
Name: Jim McGunnigle
Date: 08-14-2001
E-Mail: gruntnam68@hotmail.com
Comments: Welcome Home Brothers. I was a Marine grunt Dec 67t0 Aug70 One tour up north
Camp Carroll and all around area to DMZ .The second a little south at An Hoa hill65 and all
around that area. Both tours I know you guys saved my life and a hell of a lot of my
Name: Cliff Hughes
Date: 08-12-2001
E-Mail: cliff12@swbell.net
Comments: It is still a great site as well as the Group site. Thank You
Name: Steve Little
Date: 08-10-2001
E-Mail: sjlittle@internetcds.com
Comments: Reassigned to C Bat. We went back to the Rock Pile then decommissioned the unit in
DaNang. We were at Alpha 4 and later at C2.
name: Charles Furr
Date: 08-07-2001
E-Mail: charlesfurr69@earthlink.net
Comments: I was B Brty 8/4 arty 69-71. Hey guy glad to have you home write me some
Name: ED Oleyn
Date: 08-07-2001
E-Mail: eoleyn@aol
Comments: This web page has just brought me back to memories I forgot about. keep up the good
Name: Charles E. Stephenson
Date: 07-18-2001
E-Mail: cstephenson@mail.utexas.edu
Comments: Welcome Home, I served with HHB XXIV Corps Arty as Chief of the Met Quality
Control Team from late October 1970 until 5 April 1971. During that time, a major aspect of my
job was to make staff visits to all the Met Sections in the Corps AO.
Name: George Kowalkoski
Date: 07-15-
E-Mail: Gkow@aol.net
Comments: I was on A/4 when the Lt got killed. Sgt Emmie was my section chief. [70-71]

Name: Ron Loiselle
Date: 07-14-2001
E-Mail: ronster1951@aol.com
Name: Mike White
Date: 7-1-2001
E-Mail: MI48326@msn.com
Comments: I would like to thank all the good men, for a job well done ! PS. E-mail me

anytime. Thanks Again !
Name: Herald Lane
Date: 06-18-2001
E-Mail: herald77002@yahoo.com
Comments: Glad lots of guys made it home from the area. Glad to make it home too! Hope to get
in touch with the guys from my unit 2nd 94th art. Thanks for letting me join. herald
Name: SSG Leonardis BN FDC
Date: 06-16-2001
E-Mail: See Comments
Comments: I am in PTSD Unit Northport VA in New York Bldg 65 Unit P 79 Middle- Ville Rd
Northport NY 11768. Looking for Capt. Naples or FDC guys from 68'69'70
Name: Gary W. Overton
Date: 06-12-2001
E-Mail: GOver69291@aol.com
Comments: I was with the 8/4 at Fort Sill, C Battery, until I was transferred to 2/94 after 2 months
in country.
Name: Dave Rahbain
Date: 06-10-2001
E-Mail: drahbain@wccta.net
Comments: I was shipped over with original unit from Ft. Sill, Hq FDC. Good to read the names,
see the pics and reminisce.
Name: Tom Dougherty
Date: 6-3-2001
E-Mail: ultraclassic@core.com
Comments: I enjoy getting on this site seeing name I remember but have forgotten
Name: Gary Hall
Date: 05-28-2001
E-Mail: Unhandy@excite.com
Comments: VERY nice job on this site. 30 years after the fact I can remember some things I
thought I wanted to forget
Name: Reece Newman
Date: 5-22-2001
E-Mail: onereece@sc.rr.com
Comments: I think the site is Great. I would like to thank ever one that helped on this site. Reece
Newman HHB 8/4 Arty Jan 71 to Nov 71
Name: Deward Walker
Date: 05-20-2001
E-Mail: ldwalker@cox-internet.com
Comments: Your web sight is interesting, and brought back memories. Keep up the good
Name: Charles G. White
Date: 05-20-2001
E-Mail: whitecgw@yahoo.com
Comments: We should be honored by the previous message from Deward Walker. He was with
the gliders in WWII, and is a great patriot.
Name: Larry Nelson
Date: 05-14-2001
E-Mail: fift1frd@cs.com
Comments: Was with A Btry, 8th Bn 4th Arty. Dong Ha, Camp Caroll, Cam Lo, Rock Pile, A-1
and east, west, north and south [67-68]. Welcome home to all my brothers.
Name: Bob Cuce
Date: 05-14-2001
E-Mail: bcuce@sricboces.org
Comments: Very nice web site. I was trained at Sill but was put on Quad 50s for my tour.
Welcome home Bob Cuce E-41 70-71 gunner Quad 50.
Name: Dan Van Sluis
Date: 05-03-2001
E-Mail: Curiosity1111@aol.com
Comments: ?A?-8-4 03/69-03/70 ?ROCKPILE & CARROLL?
Name: Dennis E. Champ
Date: 05-03-2001
E-Mail: twodchamps@yahoo.com
Comments: A Btry, Rockpile, JJ Carroll. FO for Hoc Bao in Ashau Valley. Btry AXO for one
Name: Kenneth Slaydon
Date: 05-1-2001
E-Mail: slaydonkenny@yahoo.com
Comments: Svc Btry 8/4 Bn. Maint. 70-71
Name: Charles G. White
Date: 04-28-2001
E-Mail: whitecgw@yahoo.com
Comments: This is the first guest message posted to 8-4-Arty (8th Battalion 4th Artillery). We
welcome you to view our site and related site. Please leave your comments.
Name: Charles Adams
Date: 04-28-2001
E-Mail: cadams4505@yahoo.com
Comments: We welcome all here to our web site so we can tell you our story. For those who have
the urge to know, how the young men of t he 1960's survived that dreadful war we came to know
as Vietnam. We came to Nam as mere boys, but when we left-we left as Men.
Name: Gary Norris
Date: 04-28-2001
E-Mail: welcomehomeinternational@att.net
Comments: A Battery/8th Battalion 4th Artilley Gun 4 DILLIGAF 70-7
Name: Jim Griffin
Date: 03-28-2001
E-Mail: james.griffin@bondsteel2.usaeur.army.mil
Comments: Hey, Redlegs! Greetings from your at large member here in the Balkans. Duty's at
Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, but happened to be down in Macedonia for a short while with time
on my hands and thought I'd say HI. Grif