Reunion 2016

8th Battalion 4th Field Artillery
The 2016 Reunion Itinerary
By Joe L. Talley

      An abbreviated reunion committee traveled to Albuquerque and spent three days trying to plan a reunion which would be fun, informative and exciting for everyone. During the planning there were lots of ideas, some disagreements, and a lot of negotiations, but in the end we have something for everyone. Upon returning, I shared these ideas with the rest of the committee members, with their additional input. We feel it's going to be a great time in October.


Check-in is October 19 - Check out is October 23

Sheridan Uptown Hotel
22600 Louisiana Blvd Albuquerque, NM
505) 830-5781 (Contact is Veronica)
Room Rates per night: $110.00 plus tax of $14.51 for Total of $124.51.

The hotel charge covers your room, three days hospitality room, as well as four buffet breakfast and an assigned committee member to watch out for you.

The personal promise from the hotel manger that if things are not right, he has a staff that will make it right.

The Reunion Committee members are Joe Talley (Reunion Chairman), Robert "Heavy" Boyle, Al Popham, Ike Smith, and Charles White

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19: The registration Table will be open 1500-2100.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 20,2016: The Registration Table will be open 0700-0830. At 0900 Board buses for a short ride to the tram station. Our tram will depart at 0935 for a 1 1/2 hour ride to Santa Fe. After a day of shopping and sight seeing, the tram will depart at 1615 for the return trip where the buses will bring us back to the hotel. 1900 we will enjoy a Mexican buffet at the hotel.

Friday OCTOBER 21, 2016: We will divide into three groups, with a committee member as a guide. At 0900 the buses board for a full day of new experiences, which includes a 2 1/2 mile tram ride, free lunch, and two museums. The estimated time back at the hotel is 1600. However this can be extended if the group choose to make a tour of old town. At 1830 come to the country/western buffet, where "everyone's a star" program. Pay a small fee (folding money only) to hear and watch your fellow men, or women sing a little karaoke. If they refuse to sing, I am sure they will add the same amount to the pot. The Color Guard will be the New Mexico National Guard.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22: The morning hours have been set aside for anyone who might want to spend $140.00 for a hot air balloon ride. This is an exciting experience for those that might be inclined. Please indicate your interest on the registration sheet. If at least 25 people indicate an interest, we will make the arrangements. No money will be collected until the balloon is ready to lift off. For all others there are several other interesting things to see, but you will have to do this on your own. The hospitality room will be open from 0900 till ???? At 1400 hours there will be a business meeting for all association members in the hospitality room. At 1830 we will join for our reunion banquet. There are a choice of two meals: Chicken or Roast beef. We will tally your selection as we register.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 23 0730-0900: We will enjoy another great breakfast.

Things to remember; The weather will be beautiful but bring a light jacket. There is no shuttle from the airport. Taxi charge $35 bucks for one and $5 bucks for each additional passenger.