A Visit From A Thief In The Night
By Gerald F. Mazur (Igor)

When B Battery was at An Hoa, our FDC had a small circular tent. Whenever an FDC member got a package, we would always put the goodies in the middle, but up off the floor. Anyone, including cannoneers, could then have a cookie or a piece of candy which had been sent from home.

John Cooper had the cot across from mine. One night BOTH of us awoke - at the same time - when we heard a noise in the goodies. Almost simultaneously we said, "What's that?" In the dim light, we could make out the shape of a rat whose body ALONE was 12 inches long. Apparently our talking had alarmed the creature, and it had jumped to the plywood floor making a thud. It then skittered under an edge of the tent. After a minute, we went back to sleep.

When morning came, we looked over our "CARE" packages, found them not contaminated, and we made it more difficult for vermin to get into our goodies.