My Fifteen Days of Hell
At An Hoa in 1969
By Scott Stevenson

Firing From An Hoa
By Scott Stevenson

Bravo's Gun 1 and Gun 2 were at An Hoa when Tet arrived in 1969. Nothing happened until Tet was officially over, then all hell broke loose! The first night, VC sappers sneaked in under the cover of a barrage of mortar fire and blew up the ammo dump. In the next couple of days the constant rocket and mortar attacks finally hit our gun and put it out of commission. We were down to 50 rounds between us, so we moved all our ammo down to Gun 2.

The siege went on for about 15 days and everyone got a little crazy. Snoopy worked out every night between us and the guys at Freedom Bridge. Sometimes Snoopy would be so close with the fire that everything turned red and you couldn't hear yourself scream, no matter how loud you tried.

No Dust Off's could make it in and the one chopper that I remember seeing got shot down right behind the guns in that empty field. They tried to re-supply us and the C-130 that had the ammo got shot up and crashed landed on the runway. I can still remember seeing the plane make its turn and come in right over the guns with smoke pouring off the wing -- lots of crackling and popping, but it did land, and after a very heroic effort the Marines managed to get the fire out and nothing blew up!