An Instant Solution
For a Major [Colonel] Problem
By Squire W. Knowles

When we were building our Headquarters camp at Dong Ha in 1967, those with carpentry skills quickly became known and were put to work. Raymond Sprague was the best, but Arkie Wright was the most original. While working on the Colonel's/Major Kindt's quarters, I recall overhearing Lt. Col. Barnes say he'd just come from the project and had discovered that Arkie had already nailed up practically all the plywood siding, and that there were no windows or doors -- just continuous plywood sheeting. The Colonel asked Arkie "What about some windows and a door?" Arkie picked up a chain saw and said "Where would you like em?"

Arkie was killed by a 122mm rocket a few months later after he was transferred to the 2/94th Arty at Camp Carroll. Others recently have told me that Colonel Barnes and Major Kindt were deeply saddened by the news of Arkie's death.