An Enlisted Manís Ill-Conceived
Notion of Dining Inequality
Maybe in the Navy
But Never in the Army
By Charles Adams

It was the Officers who ALWAYS got the Steak AND THE GRAVY!!! Us Piee-ons who were stuck on the firebases -- we only got the Waterbuffolo and/or the mystery meat! You guys had the "Round Eyed Donut Dollies and the Hot Nurses" to keep you warm at night! The Gun bunnies only had to look at Mommy-san and her black teeth when we went on the road! We only had the luxury to look from our guns as we rumbled on only to dream how good we all had it back in the "WORLD!" At night the only dream in that we did was when that SOB rat or cock roach was going to fall from the roof of the bunker and land on my nose!!!

REPLY from the Officers: You forgot to mention those times when we all were on C-Rations and the EM's raided peaches and pound cake, leaving that gosh awful whatever for the rest of us. If you want to learn about REAL dining inequality, click=> Here.