Hunting for Dong Ha - Weíve Almost Run Out of Map And Ainít Found it Yet
By Jim Rinck

As told in a message from Jim Rinck]: Hi Joe, this is Jim Rinck, Gun 4 Chief! We have a lot of history together starting back in NCO school at Fort Sill. Do you remember when we got in country at Long Bien? After we got our orders we went over to the map on the wall. "Dong Ha," thatís what the piece of paper said. We started at the bottom of that long narrow country thinking that the farther south we were, the safer we would be. Slowly moving our fingers up the map of South Vietnam, we couldn't find it. We were running out of country. There it was -- "in North Vietnam!" We didn't waste any time finding someone to tell us how to get in touch with our congressman. We were not going to take that assignment! I know I had a lot of good times, sometimes scary times, exciting times, and some great card games where the money had every little value. At least I came home a winner. I am winning ,not every hand, but I've got a great family! Any way I'm looking forward to the reunion next summer Hope to see you there!

Jim Rinck