My Investigation into the Battle at Khe Gio Bridge - Recommendation for High Recognition for Valor
By Court Prisk - 8th Bn 4th Arty

I was the Art 32 investigating (report writer) officer for Battle at Khe Gio Bridge. Some of the ARVN accused our Quad 50 guys of cowardice. As I remember, my report concluded that one of the advisors had been killed by a knife in his bunker. It also recommended the Quad 50 guys and surviving advisor for high recognition for valor. Beyond that, the Battle At Khe Gio happened within a few days of our returning from the artillery raid. There was some evidence that it was in retaliation.

NOTE: The Khe Gio Bridge was being protected by a unit from the 1st Bn 44th Artillery composed of Dusters and Quad 50's. They were overrun by an NVA unit on 12 March 1970. One of the high honors that arose out of the battle was the Medal of Honor which was awarded to Sgt. Mitchell William Stout, C Battery, 1/44 Artillery, who was killed in the battle.