Died In Vietnam
Lost 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
Died in Vietnam
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Our Men Who Died In Vietnam

Additional Information

Name                Unit Date          Comments
Allen, Larrie CorneliusH22 Aug 1970 
Aragon, Rueben ThomasH D20 Sep 1971 
Bell, Christopher JamesB27 May 1969 
Binkley, Stuart MarshallC28 Jun 1971 
Bolen, FreemanS31 Mar 1968 
Chastain, Albert S.S11 Nov 1968Evacuated for shrapnel wounds sustained on 10 Mar 1968. Died in VA hosital on 18 Nov 1968
Clark, Melvin EugeneA10 Dec 1968 
DeHerrera, PedroB08 Aug 1969 
Faler, Allen LeeF04 May 1968 
Felton, Melvin JamesC09 Feb 1971 
Foster, James Byrd Jr.A14 Mar 1971 
Gibler, Donald GeneB18 Feb 1971 
Goff, Stanley ArthurA27 Sep 1970 
Greene, Kenneth JohnS14 Mar 1968 
Hollifield, Forrest108 Gp.30 Jul 1970 
Lo Grasso, Ralph AnthonyS10 Mar 1968 
Lowery, James AllenA05 Feb 1968Killed after infusion to 2/94th
McCarthy, Loyd V.See Comments16 Mar 1971Originally went to Vietnam as a 2Lt. in 1967 with the 8/4th. Re-trained as a helicopter pilot, and was killed on Lam Son 719.
Metcalf, HaroldC12 Mar 1968 
Morgan, Davis JuniorS07 Jun 1971 
Pierce, George Washington (Pops)B08 Aug 1969 
Skirvin, Orval L.A15 Oct 1967Chief of smoke
Tighe, JamesH05 May 1971 
Trujillo, PaulC04 Nov 1971 
Whitney, Blake DominicC09 Feb 1971 
Williamson, Johnny GordonB24 Apr 1971 
Wood, James WilburnS10 Mar 1968 
Wright, ArkieH19 Feb 1968Was killed shortly after transfer to 2nd Bn 94th Arty
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Died In Vietnam
Lost 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
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