Killing an NVA Tank,
Shooting at Co Roc in Laos,
and Shooting Around Khe Sanh
By Carl Lanier

In 1968 after TET had broken out A Battery was placed at Camp Carroll to fire in support of Khe Sanh. Later the battery was moved to the Rockpile for a closer view.

On February 7, 1968, when the Special Forces camp at Lang Vei was overrun in the middle of the night and could not get air support, we fired directly on the camp as they said NVA tanks were all over them. We were given credit for killing one tank. It was completely turned over and they said we were the only ones firing that could do that.

During the remainder of February and March the NVA were shelling Khe Sanh frequently from Co Roc in Laos. Although Co Roc ordinarily was out of range of our 175 guns, one night the MET was with us, we were told to fire 8 rounds into Co Roc. Man, the sky lit up. An aerial observer was sent up and had us fire many more rounds up there. I heard there was an enemy hospital up there.

On another occasion while Khe Sanh was under fire, we were informed that the base was at risk of a ground attack. We joined other artillery batteries in forming a ring of fire around the Khe Sanh Combat Base. It was unusually close support with HE and VT. Everyone at Khe Sanh was put underground when we opened fire, and Khe Sanh no doubt was sprayed with the VT air bursts.

Carl Lanier
A Battery XO 1967-1968