Writing What Might Be My Last Letter While Trapped for 17 Hours In a Collapsed Bunker
By Lester Modelowitz

Late in the day as I was getting ready to take the ride back from Camp Carroll to Dong Ha, we started taking some incoming mortar fire. It only lasted a short while, but when it ceased, we were told that the road was closed and had to spend the night at Caroll for a change. I don't remember what battery I stayed with that night. Later that night Carroll was hit again, and I jumped into a bunker. Soon afterward, a round (I believe a 122 rocket) hit very close by the bunker and blocked the entrance. I was in there with about 7 other men. I believe it was the Seabee's that dug us out at daybreak.

While I was trapped in the bunker, I wrote my girlfriend (now my Wife) a short letter. I was quite scared. I put my hand in the mud of the floor of the bunker, and then placed my hand on the back of the paper that I had written the letter on. About three years ago, we found that letter that still had the my mud print. My wife still has it, but does not remember where she put it. It is in the house somewhere.

NOTE: Lester Modelowitz served in the 2nd Bn 94 Arty, the sister battalion of the 8th Bn 4th Arty. Many men of both the 8/4th and the 2/94th served in both battalions at one time or another.

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