8th Battalion 4th Artillery
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8th Battalion 4th Artillery - Battalions who were a part of the 108th Artillery Group
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AFVN - American Forces Vietnam Network - They provided all the music and news to us on the firebases from "The World" They were a very big part of our story on the DMZ! Now they, like us are back together again Remembering!! "From the Delta to the DMZ!"
Artillery Gift Shop - Order mugs, caps, etc. with Artillery Logo from gift shop at Fort Sill
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Artillery Units on the DMZ - Will Myers’s site of all DMZ Arty. With this site, Myers started it all! He is responsible for all of the sites you are about to see! See all the links attached also.
B-501st Inf. 101st Airborne Divsion - 1967-1972
Earn This - An essay on the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and the sacrifices made by soldiers in war
F Btry 26th Arty TAB - OPCON to 8/4th Arty at beginning and ending of it tour in Vietnam
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Khe Sanh Veterans Page 1968-72 - Another interesting site, mostly about the Marines
List of Vets looking for Vets - Good place to look for 8/4 buddies
Map of Lam Son 719 - Great detail of I corps from Hue to Laos
Marine choppers/Scarface w/photos of the "Z" - Present photos of ConThien and DMZ. Great site!
New site for the Dusters and Quads on the DMZ!!
Pictures from Richard Lennon's 1996 Vietnam Trip - Contains a number of pics of our AO
U.S. Army Ordnance Museum - Neat site with picture of artillery/armor at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland
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Vietnam Era MOS listing - Trying to figure out what the MOS numbers were back then for you and your buddies. Check this out
Wall on the Web -An alphabetical list of all the names on the Vietnam Memorial wall with details