Died In Vietnam
Lost: 757 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
Unable to Locate
Excluded After Vietnam

If you locate one of the men on the list, please report it to the Moderator. If a telephone number is called and it is not the number of the person that you are looking for, please report the dead-end number to the Moderator so that we can make a notation on this list and in the Lost database. By doing this our members will not continue to place duplicate calls. NOTE: This list is incomplete. We do not have any complete rosters.
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Name                       StateUnit/Year Comments
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Abbott, Robert D. B 70-71SP4 63C40. Not at 972-517-4355(TX).
Abraham, Dennis D. A 681 Lt. Not at 734-721-2917 (MI).
Ackerman, Charles R. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SP5 17B20
Adkins, JerryIL69-70From Waukegan, IL - still listed in same city. Not at 309-446-9426 (IL) or 847-884-2870 (IL).
Aguian, JohnMA69-70From Fall River, Mass.
Akens, Charles H 68SP4 13A10
Akota, Henry A. H 68-69SP4 93F
Aldrich, Daniel G. 67-68[Note]
Allak, Phillip P. H 68-69PFC 13E20
Allen, James T. B H 68-69 
Andersen, Andrew L. H 681 Lt. 1193
Anderson, Leslie H 71SP5 17D20
Anderson, McKlosky H 68-69E4 36K20. Lives in Chicago -- Unlisted number.
Andrews, Donnie Lee H 68-69E5 91B20. Not at 215-324-1427 (PA).
Andrews, Gerald W. 239th Radar 71Dong Ha. SP4 17B20
Armstrong, Michael T. B 71SGT 94B40
Arnette, Jerry W. H 68-69PVT 82D20. Not at 252-291-1074 (NC).
Arnold, James E. H 71PFC 82C20.
Arnold, James M. III 68-69W2 632A
Arry, John W. H 68-69PVT 36K20
Aroz, RoyAZH 68-69 
Arther, Jeffrey D. H 68-69E2 13A10
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Baia, John J. 68-69Capt. Not at 781-229-4353(MA).
Bailey, Jerry L. C 67-68 
Baily, John W. B 67-68 
Bailey, Stephen A. B 71SP4 13A10
Baker B 70-71He was a FDC Officer (1st Lt.)
Baker, Tommy L. C 67-68 
Ballak, Phillip P. H 68SP4 13B20. Not at 610-583-6093.
Balzar, Phillip H 68-69E4 13E20
Banta, Arthur E. Jr. H 71SFC. The one we are looking for would be in his 70's. Lived out west, liked to fly fish. Not at 541-353-2537 (OR).
Barnes, James M. A 71PV2 13A10
Barnes, Roy B 67-68 
Barnes, Sammy D.TXB 67-68[Note]
Barnett, Joseph D. C 69-70SSG 63C40. Not at 718-387-1015 (NY).
Bauer, Donald B 67-68 
Beauchamp, Earl W. A 67-68[Note]
Beckley, Michael 70-71 
Bennett, Calvin M. S 71SP4 64B20
Bernstein, Allen B. A 67-68   and then SP4. Not at 505-544-2942 (NM) and 909-825-3050 (CA).
Billinger, Dwane B 70-71 
Birch, Richard E. H 71SP4 36K20. Not at 412-635-0724 (PA) and 770-592-8126 (GA).
Bitterman, Bruce A 71[Note]
Blackwood, William (Bill) C 69-71FDC.
Blair, Steven L. H 68-69E4 13A10. E4 13A10. Not at 570-547-6213 (PA), 509-665-7506 (WA), and 814-333-8132 (PA). Right age bracket.
Blake, Stephen A. H 67-68Lt., HHB AO. Not at 518-383-4575 (NY) or 732-787-3994 (NJ).
Blue C 68[Note]
Bonner, Henry L.  Not at 540-373-3028 and 954-987-1255.
Booker, Charles Jr. H 71SP4 17C20. Not at 805-650-1515 (CA).
Borne, James W. A 67-68Not at 225-673-8509, 337-836-9369, 337-836-1099, and 337-413-9911.
Boswell, Bruce D. H 70-71SP4-36K20
Boudreaux, Michael A., Jr. H B 70-71SP4 13A10. Not at 972-935-0681 (TX) and 225-749-6293 (LA). Check 281-829-1472 (TX).
Bowling, Edward D.TXC 67-68Not at 803-808-8455 (SC) or 972-960-7286 (TX).
Brady, Richard E. H 71PFC 91B20 Last known address in Omaha NE. Not at 931-431-4655 (TN).
Brewer, Alton C 67-68[Note]
Brewer, James J. 67-68Not at 619-579-6044 (CA) and and 321-951-0942 (FL). Check 860-521-7921 (CT). Right age bracket.
Britt, James A. B 70-71SP4 13A10
Broussard, Larry D. H 70-71SP4-67M20. Not at 337-855-3557 (LA). Check 409-883-7443 (TX). Right age bracket.
Brown, Clifford J. S 71SSG 63C40
Brown, Dewey A 67-68 
Brown, Joe Jr. H 71SSG
Bryant, Jerald L. A 7113B40. [Note]
Bryson, Louis A. H 70-71PFC-82D20. Not at 541-685-0524 (OR).
Buckley, Paul R. H 70-71 
Bumba, Ronald H 68-69E4 13A10
Bumgardner, Cloyd R. S 71SFC 17D40. [Note]
Burgess, Michael W. 245th Radar 71JJ Carroll. SP4 17B20. Check 562-436-9716 (CA).
Burke, Dale A. H 71SP4 36K20. Not at 360-683-4022 (WA) and 616-323-2283 (MI).
Burke, Willie R. H 71SP4 17C20
Burkhart, Alan W. 235th Radar 71Warrant Officer
Burks, Bobby R. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SP4 17B20. Not at 573-392-3360 (MO).
Burleson, Danny J. 70-71Not at 918-540-1106 (OK).
Burley, Charles R. H 70-71SP5-93F20. Not at 619-575-8742 (CA). Check 301-729-2546 (MD) and Right age bracket.
Butler, Donnel C 67-68Not at 281-437-8637, 281-265-3370 (TX), and 334-576-1999 (AL).
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Cadwell, Daniel J. H or S 71Not at 818-788-6229 (CA).
Cairnes, Jackie D. B 67-68[Note]
Campbell, Gene M.  71SP5 235RD-EL. 17B40
Campbell, William T. H 67-68 
Campos, Esquid A 71PFC 13A10
Cantrell, James C. H 70-71 
Carden, Richard T. B 67-68Not at 806-356-8975 (TX), 903-894-6721 (TX), or 281-537-5890 (TX) and 208-325-8596 (OK).
Carpenter, Curtis A 71PV@ 13A10
Carruth, Jesse L. J. Jr. H 70-71SP4-94B20. Not at 254-634-6489 (TX)or 423-338-5553 (TN).
Carter, Donald R. S 70-71SP4 13A10
Carter, Michael L. H 70-71PFC-67V2T and then SP4
Carter, Richard N. H 68-69Bn carpenter. Not sure about first name.
Carter, RogerTNH 68-69 
Carter, Stephen D. 240th Radar 71FSB Elliot. SP5 17B20
Cassell, Gene S. H 71SP4 17D20. Not at 660-879-4552 (MO).
Cecil, James F. B 71SP4 13A10. Not at 254-642-3437 (TX), 270-771-4715 (KY). Check 540-638-7330 (VA).
Chambers, Barney W. B 71[Note]
Chaney, Benjamin F. H 71SP4 36K20. Not at 334-471-4928 (AL).
Chapman, George R. A 67-68 
Cherry, Michael D. H 71SP5 82C20. Not at 812-256-3273 and 602-334-1026. Check 928-369-0347.
Christmas, Ronald C 69PFC
Clark, Robert (Bob) H 69Sp-4 in FDC, Good FADAC operator
Clark, Robert L. S 71PFC 13A10
Clements, Charles H 71 
Clemons, Fredrick L.S 71SP4 63C20
Clevenger, Brooks H 71SSG
Coleman, Tommy J. B 71SP4 13A10
Collins, Cleveland C. H 68-69E4 82C20
Columbani, Ismael A 71Pfc 13A10
Conner, Jackie 67-68 
Cook, Anthony G. H 70-71PFC-36K20
Cook, Clyde A. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 17B20
Cook, George W. C 70-71SSG 13B40. [Note]
Cook, Jerry L. C 67-68 
Cooper, John R.CAB 6813E20. [Note]
Copeland, Herbert D. C 67-68 
Cotton, Ronald J. H 68-6936K20
Coyne, Ralph W. A 71PFC 36K20
Crawford, Charles F. A 71SGT 13B40
Crum, Randy L. A 71PFC 36K20. Not at 931-296-9203 (TN) and 606-928-5671 (KY).
Cutshaw, James C. A 71SP4 13A10. Not at 828-488-6182 (NC) or 828-656-8146 (NC).
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Dabney, WayneTXH 67-68From Fort Worth. Contact Meryl Williams. Not at 405-224-0221 (OK).
Dahanher, Michael E. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 17B20
Dalby, Kenneth M. H 70-71PFC-13A10. Not at 218-938-4255 (MN), 719-754-3260 (CO), and 559-291-6052 (CA).
Danklefs, Gary W. B 67-68Not at 806-792-1530 (TX).
Danning, William M. A 68-69E4 13A10
Datillo, JamesMOH 68 
Dauenhauer, Tony A. H 68-69E4 45G30. Not at 541-926-4716.
Davidson, David W. A 71PFC 13A10
Davidson, John R. H 68-69E3 13A10
Davis, Alvin S 71SP5 13E20
Davis, Anthony A 71SFC or SSG
Davis, Edward C. A 68-69E7 13B40
Davis, Everett D. H 68SFC 82O40
Davis, Ezra N. B 71SSG 13B40
Davis, Louis H 70-71PFC-94A10
Davis, Roy O. A 68-69E8 13Z50
Davis, Steven L. A 68-69E4 13A10
Dawning, William M. A 7113A10. Not at 219-234-3549.
Day, Steven D. B 71SP4 13E20
Daye, Thurman B. S 71SP4 13A10
Deal, Ronald K. B 71SGT 36K40
Dean, Claude F. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SSG 17D40
Dean, Robert G. A 68-69E5 63C30
Defayette, Allen B. C 70-71SP4 13A10. Not at 315-736-3725 (NY).
DeJesus, Angel R. H 67-68[Note]
Delap, Robert H 67May be from OK.
Denton, Sherrill Thomas A 68-69E6 13B40
Diaz, Arthur V. H 70-71PFC-35D20
Dixon, Earnest H 71SP5 91B20
Dobbs, Owen E. C 67-68 
Dominguez, Alex P. B 71SSG 13B40
Donaldson, Artie C. S 71SP4 13B20
Dorr, Michael D. 69-70Check 773-338-2943 (IL) and 773-404-4914 (IL). Right age bracket. Not at 651-487-9072 (MN), 651-487-8235, and 651-487-8235 (KS). Has posted a message to Classmates.com
Downey, Claude L. Jr. H 71PV2 82C20. Not at 972-240-1312 (TX), 214)340-3593 (TX), and 270-388-2650 (KY).
Doyle, William P. B 71PFC 71H20. Not at 502-231-6628 (KY), 315-252-8609 (NY), 724-468-5104 (PA), (CA), 219-988-3962 (IN), and 215-355-7573 (PA). Check 619-429-5694 (CA). Right age bracket.
Dranely, George T. B 71SGT 13B40
Driggers, James W. B 71SGT 13E40. Not at 912-748-2023 (GA), 910-848-5517 (NC), and 843-346-2146 (SC).
Drury, James E. H 71SP4 13E20
Dudley, Henry L.FL68-69Not at 407-905-5197 (FL).
Dump, Leonard H 68PFC 82C20
Duncan, George A. B 71SP4 36K20
Dupree, Douglas G.LAB 67-68From Bossier City, LA. Not at 707-425-1935 (CA),337-788-1288 (LA), 337-478-7435 (LA), 252-752-8617 (NC) or 903-894-6721 (TX). Check 941-593-6006 (FL), 314-843-5109 (MO).
Dyrstad, Kevin H 71SP4 36k20
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Eatmon, Robert E. S 71PV2 13A10. Not at 308-284-0852 (NE) and 307-632-6547 (WY).
Eaton, Troy J. H 68-69E4 36K20
Edenfield, Otis L. B 71SP4 13A10. Not at 912-756-4403 (GA), 407-886-0984 (FL), or 407-886-7701 (FL).
Edwards, Robert E. H 71SSG
Elliott, Bobby L. H 70-71SP4-91B20. Check 919-693-4470 (NC) and 828-286-4740 (NC). Not at 623-546-9283, 303-399-8130 (CO) and 704-739-8350 (NC).
Elliott, Charles W.NYC 69-70XO. Not at 315-457-3225 (NY). Check 315-769-8807 (NY), 7 609-737-0966 (NJ), 81-447-5391 (MA), 301-843-4956 (MD), 410-789-5198 (MD), 410-778-0057 (MD). All are right age bracket.
Ellis A 69Lt.
Engel, James R. H 71SP4 82C20
Esposito, Louis A. Prov Det 3 71A-4.4 211A0. Attached USARV Special Troops
Evans, Linwood I. H 68-69E5 94B20. Not at 718-622-5188 (NY).
Ewing, Robert A. H 68-69E4 82D20. Not at 909-674-5895 (CA). Check 856-232-1242 (NJ), 281-341-5812 (TX), 936-327-3563 (TX), 434- 970-2266 (VA), 206-246-4688 (WA). Right age bracket.
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Fabian, Raymond F. H 71PFC 17K20. Not at 260-420-6542 (IN) and 260-420-6542 (IN).
Farrens, Kevin L. A 68-69E4 36K20
Fass, Jeffrey I. A 68-69E4 13E20. Check 631-589-4685 (NY). Falls in right age bracket.
Fenwick, Bill H 68-69 
Ferrell, Carl H 69SP4
Fetteehof, Ronald L. H 71SSG
FilicePAC 70-71[Note]
Fillespie, Leroy B 69PFC
Fina, SharonFL68-69Is listed with 8/4th on Classmates.com
Fink, James E. A 68-69E4 36K20. [Note] Check 860-793-4896 (CT), and 610-562-7299 (PA). All are in right age bracket.
Fitzgerald, David M. H 71PFC 36K20
Fontana, Ralph G.FLH 70-71Cpt. Not at 850-286-6209 (FL).
Foster, Bobby E. 67-68 
Foster, William A 71SP4 11B10
Fox, DennisCAC 70-71FDC
Fox, Harold J. B 71SP4 13A10
Francis B 68-69MSG
Frank, Joseph L. B 70-7113A10. Check 717-776-7139 (PA)
Franklin, Jerry R. A 71SP4 13A10
Frazier, Charles A 68-69E5 13D20
Frazier, John E.TNH 67-68Metro 93F E5. Not at 318-247-6751 (LA) and 660-886-7365 (MO). [Note]
Frederick, James H  
Freie, James H 681 Lt.
Frey, David E. B 67-68[Note]
Friesenhahn, Gerald A 67-68Not at 830-216-4788 (TX).
Frye, ____ H 68-69Lt.
Futch, William D. 235th Radar 71A-2. SSG 17C40
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Garbart, Richard H. A 71PFC 36K20
Garcia, Rudy V. S 71CPL 13B40
Garger, John J.VAH 67-68From roanoke, VA. Survey, Not at 518-835-2215 (NY) or 562-425-3700 (CA). Check 412-882-9074 (PA) and 717-566-9493 (PA). Both are in right age bracket.
Garretson, William H 71PFC 31B20
Garritt, JohnKSC 70-71From Kansas City. FDC
Gilmer, Louis A. H 71SP4 93F20
Gilmore, Gary D.CA69-70From Pinkly, CA. Not at 530-865-5347 (CA) and 812-923-8295 (IN). Check 559-322-9501 (CA) Right age bracket.
Goll, Albert R. B 67-68Not at 262-878-2163 (WI) or 615-297-6035 (TN).
Gonzales, Gilbert S 71P 4 13B30
Gooch, Roy E. 240th radar 71CW
Goodman, Malcolm H. B 71SSG 63C40
Gorman, Earl R. H 71SP4 17D20
Graves, Charles H 70-71SFC-93B40
Gray, Leslie S. A 67-68 
Green, HowardILB 69-7094B. Believed to be Howard W. Green. Not at 618-259-8927 (IL).
Griner, Raymond P. C 70-7113110
Gross, Roy L. B 67-68Not at 817-557-8798, 920-729-1181, 606-664-2202, 903-935-7764, 540-254-2293, and 540-992-5116.
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Hall, Allen H 70-71SP4-05C20
Hall, Charles E. A 68-69E3 13A10
Hall, Michael B 70-71 
Hall, Stephen A. A 68-69E4 13A10
Hamm, James R. A 68-69E5 94B20. [Note] Check 216-741-0099 (OH). Right age bracket.
Hanby, Francis Lynn A 68-69E5 36K40
Hanlin, Mark H 68-69 
Hancock, Jerry C. H 70-71SP5-05B20. Not at 540-895-9553 (VA) and 540-895-5499 (VA).
Hanson, GeorgeL.  H 71SP4 17C20
Harness, Michael H 71SP4 17C20. Not at 281-980-3747 (TX), 281-265-3841 (TX). Check 619-295-6238 (CA). Right age bracket.
Harper, Donald E. H 71SP5 17D20
Harra, William R. S 71SP4 76S20
Harris, Frank B H 67-68 
Harris, James M. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 17B20
Harris, Louis E. A 68-69E4 13B40
Harris, Robert C 69PFC
Harris, Roger T. B 67-68SSG. Supply Sgt. Not at 630-232-2742 (IL), 706-891-2203 (GA), and 252-771-8211 (NC), 706-891-9416 (GA).
Harrison, Steve R. A 68-69E4 13A10
Hart, Lafayette H 70-71SSG-31G40
Hartney, Richard J. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 17C20
Hartsfield, Johnny 68 SSGT 91B40
Harvey, Daniel C. A 71SP4 13A10. [Note]
Heady, Richard D. 69-70Lt.
Heath, Richard W. H 67-68Commo. Check 907-776-2122 (AK) and 505-325-1635 (NM). Right age bracket.
Henderson, Jerome B 71PV2 94A10
Henderson, Walter E. C 67-68Check 860-635-4264 (CT), 912-285-7245 (GA), and 765-459-8496 (IN). Right age bracket.
Henrich, Robert D. A 68-69E4 13A10
Hernaiz, Angel R. C 67-68 
Hernandez, Romon C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 17B20
Herndon, Paul R. Jr. 68-69Capt.
Heyser, Robert 68-69Lt. 1193.
Herzog, William R. H 70-71SP4-13A10. Check 407-351-0455 and 407-345-0859 (FL - same address) and 631-269-9043 (NY). Right age bracket.
Hicks, Dennis L. B 67-68Check 610-266-7752 (PA), 440-845-8515 (OH), 217-446-8536 (IL), and 718-716-1314 (NY).
Higgins, Bernard J. H 70-71PFC-93F20. Check 908-354-9021 (NJ). Right age bracket.
Hill, EddyILH 67-68From Chicago. Probably is Eddie L. Hill 36K20. Check 708-758-2722 (IL) and 708-758-8042 (IL).
Hill, Johnnie Jr. S 71SP4 94B20
Hilliard, Larry 70-71 
Hoadley, Robert E. H 70-71SP4-63B20. Not at 936-788-2870 and 936-788-5778 (TX -same address).
Hobbs, JimmieMIC 67-68From Pontiac, MI. Nickname: Rock. Not at 580-248-2445 (OK) or 580-248-6833 (OK). Check 501-559-2519 (AR).
Hoffman, James G. H 71SP4 67V2T. Check 509-773-3862 (WA), 517-741-3412 (MI), 574-269-2829 (IN), 812-482-5902 (IN), and 401-728-8525 (RI). Right age bracket.
Hoffman, Kent F. B 71SGT 13B40. Check 973-285-1686 (NJ). Right age bracket.
Hoffman, Steven D. H 71PFC 31B20
Holland, James E. 70-71 
Hollenbeck, Thomas L. 239th Radar 71Dong Ha. SP4 17B20
Horn, Calvin E. A 71Sp4 13A10. Not at 717-349-7639 (PA). Check 517-287-4297 (MI). Right age bracket.
Horn, James P. B 67-68Check 704-528-5767 (NC), and 920-458-1084 (WI). Right age bracket.
Horton, Howard D. H 68CW 1 100B0
Horton, James H. 68-69Lt. 1193
Howard, Donald R. B 71SFC 94Z50
Howard, Ronald B 71SP4 13A10
Hrabal B 68Check spelling of name. Not at 912-576-8557 (GA), 912-576-3739 (GA), or 904-778-3046 (FL).
Hubert, Frederick H 70-71PFC-31B20
Hubbard, Eugene C 70-7194B20. Check 314-382-9827 (MO)
Hubbard, Jerry 67-68 
Hutchinson, David G.MSH 71 
Hutchinson, James E.MSH 67-68SSG 76Y. Not at 601-542-3673 (MS).
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Ingram, Clarence W.NJH 69-7063C40 - Sgt. - motor pool. From Lindonwood, NJ. Not at 870-295-6425 (AR).
Ivester, Stanley E.MNC 67-68From Howell, MN. Not at 904-491-1989 (FL).
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Jackson, JamesPA69-70From Gillett, PA.
Jackson, James F. 68-69Capt. 1180
Jackson, Jethro A 71SP4 13A10. Not at 404-622-6058 (GA). Check 305-688-7050 (FL), and 916-393-5644 (CA).
Jackson, John T. B 67-68 
Jackson, Ralph H. H 70-71SP5-82C20
Jackson, Steve B 71SP4 94B20
Jacobs, Peter J. B 71SP4 13A10
James, Billy J. B 71SSG 13B40
James, Luther L. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 17B20
James, WilliamGAH 67-68[Note] Not at 215-748-5352 (PA).
Jaquez, JohnCA108 Gp 68-70[Note]
Jara, Alberto J. H 71SGT 05C40
Jefferson, ___LAH 68-69 
Jenkins, Eugene H 70-71PFC-94B20
Jennette, Ivia T. Jr. H 67-68 
Jennings, FrankNJH 68-69From Miltown, NJ
Jenssen, Larry M. A 71SP4 13 A10. Not at 405-341-8441 (OK). Check 808-327-1453 (HI).
Jerry, Michael C 67-68 
Jobe, Ronald P. B 67-68Not at 214-752-3512 (TX).
Johnson, (Skate)CAB 69-70Gun Chief #2
Johnson, Alford E. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 17B20
Johnson, Allen H 71SP4 93F20
Johnson, Charles M. H 71SP4 05C20
Johnson, David P H 70-71SP4-82C20
Johnson, Donald A. C 67-68 
Johnson, George A. Jr.MSH 67-68From Biloxi. Survey 82C
Johnson, Howard L. 2235th Radar 71A-2. SP5 17P20
Johnson, James K. C 67-68 
Johnson, Stevie W. B 67-68 
Joiner, Charles W. A 71PV2 13A10
Jones, Bruce M.ALH 67-68From Birmingham. Survey. Not at 205-967-0835 (AL) or 205-655-8230 (AL).
Jones, Frank A. H 70-71SGT-36K40 Commo buck SGT. Went on Lam Son 719
Jones, George M. A 68-69E4 13A10
Jones, Hugh S. 68-69Capt. 1193
Jones, Ira A 67-68 
Jones, John P. A 71SP4 13A10
Jones, Joseph T. H A 70-71SP4-93F20
Jones, Ralph H. 239th Radar 71Dong Ha. SP4 17B20
Jones, Richard A 67-68 
Jones, Thomas M. A 71PFC 13A10
Jordan, Robert L. H 71SSG 63O40
Joseph, Phillip R. 68-69Lt.
Joyner, Norman Jr. 240th Radar 71CW2
Juarez, Porfiorio C. 68PFC
Juarez, Roberto C. H 68-69E5 82C20
Jupe, Leroy G Jr. S 71SP4 63C20
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Kahler, Jeffery H 70-71SP4-82C20. Not at 208-634-7548 (ID).
Kandis, Emanuel C 67-68Email: crackerscheese@yahoo.com . Has corrected name spelling by guest message, but has not given mailing address.
Kantz, George T. A 71SP4 13A10
Kappler, Thomas M. S 71SP4 13A10
Kapuka, Vernan A 67-68Contact Larry Nelson. Check spelling of name.
Kashimoto, Clyde T. H 71SGT 31G40
Kaye B 68-69SP4. Battery clerk.
Keiser, BobAL108 Gp 69-70Sundowner Kilo
Keller, Michael J. A 71SP4 13A10
Keller, Ronald A 68-69E4 13A10
Kelley, Jerry L.TXH 67-68Metro 93F. May be from Marble Falls, TX.
Kelly, Robert W. 68PFC
Kent, James H 67-68SP4 36K20
Keyser, Robert H 682 Lt. 1193
King, DavidKY69-70From Van Lear, KY.
Kirkendall, Charles B 68-6913B40. Check 262-284-3024 (WI) and 573-372-3804 (MO). Right age bracket.
Kish, Paul A. H 67-68Not at 203-261-2089 (CT).
Klein, Robert D. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SP4 17B20
Kleinfehn, Daniel P. S 71SP4 76S20
Kline, Jacky L. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SP4 17B20. Attached USARV Special Troops
Knight, David A. S 71SP4 13A10
Knight, William E. B 71SP4 13A10
Kornowski, James C 67-68FDC. Name may be mis-spelled.
Kopka, Stephen H 71SP4 71B30. Not at 989-653-2236 (MI).
Krahenbuhl, Robin L. S 71PFC 13A10
Krebs, Joe 108 Gp 69-70Sundowner Kilo, S-2
Kuhn, Kurt E. A 67-68Not at 716-671-6722 (NY).
Kuzma, Richard C 69-70Sp-5 in FDC. Check 724-266-7074 (PA) and 607-754-4465 (NY). Right age bracket.
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LaBoissiere, Paul J. H 68-69E4 91B20. Check 518-274-0914 (NY). Right age bracket. Only listing for this name in the US.
Lamar, Harry L. S 71PFC 13A10
Langston, Billy D. H 71SP4 17C20
LaPlant, Steve C 70-71FDO. Not at 509-787-3351 (WA) and 260-486-3041 (IN).
Larez, Wayne R. 67-68Lt.
Larson, Craig L. H 70-71SP4-13E20
Larson, David M. A 68-69E3 13A10
Lashier, Paul P. S 71SP4 13A10
Latham, Timothy D.TXH 67-68[Note]
Lauer, Peter J. H 68-69E4 13A10
Lauterbach, David A. B 71SP4 13A10. Check 309-637-3278 (IL). Right age bracket.
Lawson, William B. B 71SSG 13B40
Lawton, Ronnie W. A 71PFC 90A10
Layne, Walter E. A 71Sp4 13A10
Leach, Roger G. H 68-69E5 36K40
Leigh, Robert E. H 70-71SP4-13E20
Linton, Ray W. A B 71SP4 13A10
Logan, Clarence H 71PFC 36K20
Long, Michael L.NCA 71From Monroe, NC. PFC 13A10 Gun #2. Not at 704-238-8623 (NC) or 704-527-5149 (NC).
Long, Steve R. A 68-69E5 13E20
Lothringer, Charles E. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 17C20
Loucks, Daniel S. A 71SP4 13A10
Love, Adolphus B 71SP4 13A10. No listings for this name in U.S. Check 773-731-1247 (IL) for A. Love which is 30 miles from Gary, IN where Adolphus Love, age 52 resides.
Lowe, Joseph S 71PFC 76Y30
Lozano, JosePRH 67-68Survey chief
Lucero, Ray Jr. H 7182C20. Check 505-865-7093 (NM), 505-865-5361 (NM), 360-264-2963 (WA), and 818-558-4062 (CA). Falls in right age bracket.
Lunsford, Roy M. H 68-69Capt. S-4. Not at 903-984-0812 (TX)
Luthi, William J. H 70-71SGT-36K40. Check 320-589-1550 (MN) and 785-488-2640 (KS). Right age bracket.
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Maas, Ronald W. H 70-71SP4-76Y20. Check 810-286-0239 (MI) and 760-322-0375 (CA). Right age bracket.
Mackenzie, James R. A 71SP4 71H20. Check 781-289-0350 (MA) and 707-938-4462 (CA).
MacKenzie, Randolph P. A 71SP5 13E20. Check 716-232-4438 (NY) and 716-442-8699 (NY).
Malinowski, Edward A 71SP4 76Y30. Not at 410-876-6147 (MD). Check 949-470-4638 (CA) and Right age bracket.
Manke, Vaughn J. H 70-7113E20. Check 949-495-6922 (CA)
Marble, Richard E. A 71SP4 82C10m Belived to be in San Antonio TX at 210-561-0107 (TX).
Marcantoni, Ruiz Ef B 711SG 13Z50
Marchetti, Gino H 67-68First name may be Giovanni.
Marquis, Alfred W. S 71SP5 71L20
Martin, James R. 240th Radar 71FSB Elliot. SP5 17B20
Martin, Jerry A.OK69-70From Lawton, OK - still listed in same city. Not at 580-536-1491 (OK).
Martin, Marvin R.FLH 67-68Survey chief 82C.
Martin, Vern E. H 7113E10. Check 717-776-5256 (PA).
Martinez, Donald A. 245th Radar 71JJ Carroll. SP4 17B20
Martinez, Robert E. Jr.NMA 71Not at 505-869-6035 (NM) or 505-471-9281 (NM), Took command of A battery after McCaffrey.
Maxey, Richard C. A 71PFC 13A10
Mays, Leonard D. H 71SSG 91B40. Not at 334-3655734.
McCann, DanPAB 69-70Ammo Sgt. Not at 323-876-4350 (CA). Check 323-876-6970 (CA). Falls in right age bracket.
McCarroll, James R. B 71SP4 36K2P. Check 941-455-9057 (FL) and 623-535-5245 (AZ).
McClellan, Charles R. A 68-69E4 13B40. Check 770-436-8249 (GA), 334-283-6150 (AL), and 336-299-6198 (NC). All are in right age bracket.
McCoy, Daniel L. H 71SP4 17B20
McCoy, Jack, Jr. A 68-69E6 63B40
McCoy, Jimmy H 70-71PFC-36K20. Check 502-239-9912 (KY) and 704-636-5060 (NC). Both are in right age bracket.
McDaniel, Randall A 67-68Check 256-896-2880 (AL), 205-823-0501 (AL), 765-645-5572 (IN), 972-613-5914 (TX), and 940-845-5501 (TX). All in right age bracket.
McDonald, Marvin E A 67-68Check 301-924-5489 (MD), 304-428-0789 (WV), 601-267-4235 (MS), 989-631-9118 (MI), 714-997-0587 (CA), and 541-752-7411 (OR).
McDougald, Leslie M. 67-68Not at 281-292-4163 (TX) or 910-521-8021 (NC). Check 985-345-2183 (LA).
McFord, Alvin E. H 68-69E3 13B20
McGowen Paul T. H 68-69E4 93F20
McIntyre B 68-69Lt.
McJunkin, Robert L. B 70-7113E20. Check Check 503-667-4866 (OR)
McKay, Dennis J. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 63B20. Check 925-58-1555 (CA).
McKimmey, Don S 71 
McKnight, David L. B 71SP4 13A10
McNeil, Charles M. A 71SP4. 94A10. Check 716-627-4018 (NY), 716-822-3244 (NY), 850-837-4423 (FL), and 214-391-2247 (TX).
McNulty, Frank P. H 70-71SGT-05C40. Check 973-764-6596 (NJ) and 708-389-3013 (IL).
Meadows, Donald R. H 69-70Cpt. BC HHB
Mello, Joseph B. H 71SP5 17C20. Check 802-888-3749 (VT), 731-925-6358 (TN), 408-848-6146 (CA), and 408-842-6199 (CA).
Messlier, Kirk E. A 71SP4 13E20
Michaelson, Gary L. A 68[Note]
Mikolaiczyk, Robert A H 67 
Miller, EdNCH 68-69From Kinston, NC
Miller, Gary W. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 52B20
Miller, Randy (Red)OHB 71 
Milligan, Terry L. H 71SP4 17D20
Minor, Walter H 68-69E8 13Z50
Mireles, ValentinCAC 69-70E5 13B40. 25a Las Lomas Dr., Watsonville, CA. Sgt. SSN: 568-66-0404, 13B40, DEROS: 14-Jan-70. Check 713-921-7781 (TX) and 956-488-6704 (TX) for only listings for this name.
Mitchell, Daniel M. H 71PFC 36K20
Mitchell, DouglasTX67-68 
Mohmeyer, Paul J. A 68-69E4 82C20
Molwar, Michael R. H 70-71PFC-13A10
Montague, Roosevelt Jr. A 71SP4 13A10. Check 301-587-2199 (MD).
Montgomery, Billy R. A 67-68CO's driver. Check 410-602-3242 (MD), 205-425-2163 (AL), 601-833-8819 (MS), 309-526-8893 (IL), 870-802-0307 (AR), and 972-286-3922 (TX).
Montgomery, Robert E. H 71SP4 05C20
Moore, Cary C. 240th Radar 71FSB Elliot. SP5 17B20
Moore, Fred B 69Sgt
Morgan, Larry D. H 70-71PFC-05C20
Moritz, Michael W. S 71SP4 13A10
Morris, Gary L. A 71PFC 13A10
Morris, John C. Jr. A 68-69E6 76Y40
Morris, Robert B 68-69Sgt. Commo
Morse, David L. C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP5 26B30
Morton, Edward D. S 68-69WO1. Bn Maint. Check 216-752-1859 (OH) and 313-581-0920 (MI).
Mosher, Kenneth W.WIA 71From Antigo, WI. PFC 13A10, Gun #2. Not at920-499-3976 (WI), 618-377-7092 (IL), and 512-756-2160 (TX).
Muller, Richard P. S 71SP4 13A10
Mulligan, Arthur G. 68-69Capt.
Mulligan, BruceNYC 69-702529 Hicks St., Bellmore, NY 11710. SSG. SSN: 059-40-2753, 13B40, DEROS: 5-Jan-70. Check 813-685-8277 (FL). Right age bracket.
Mumphrey, Jerry W. H 70-71SP4-91B20 Not at 214-375-1546 (TX).
Murray, John F.OHC H 69-70Sundowner, FDO FO AO. Check 440-323-3952 (OH), 419-929-8840 (OH), and 937-323-3388 (OH).
Myers, Dale E. A 68-69W4 632A
Myers, Robert L. H 71SP4 82C20.
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Nall, Robert S. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SP4 17B20. Attached USARV Special Troops (TX). All fall in right age bracket.
Neely, George I. B 70-7113A10
Nelson, Alphonzo H 70-71SP4 13A10. Not at 415-892-4471 (CA). Check 863-688-3975 (FL). Falls in right age bracket.
Nelson, Daniel E. H 70-71PFC-63C20
Nelson, Daniel M. H 71SP4 82C20
Nelson, DewayneKS70-71 
Nelson, Gary W. C 70 
Newsome, Roy E. H 70-71SP4-71B20. Check 239-774-7733 (FL). Right age bracket.
Nichols, Charles C -70-71 
Niemeier, Richard H. H 68-69E4 82C20
Noble, Billy F. A 68-69E3 13A10
Norfleet, Jimmy D. C 67-68Gun section #1. Not at 540-895-9572 (VA).
Novak, Roger R. A 67-68Check 612-341-0528 (MN). Falls in right age bracket.
Nowell, Gerald E. H 68-69E4 72C20
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O'Reilly, Michel F. B 71SP4 63B20. Check 770-792-3505 (GA) and 773-868-0021 (IL).
Ocasio-Ruiz, Germa H 68SFC 31Q4L
Odham, Earnest S. 239th Radar 71Dong Ha. SP4 17B20
Oeltjendiers, Steven K. B 71SP4 13A10
Oertel, Carl H. H 68SP4 93F20
Ohmstede, Bruce E. S 70-71SP4 13A10
Oliver, General J. H 70-71SSG-76Y40 If anyone knows his approximate age call Bill Prichard
Olrech, Danny N. B H 68-69Lt. Check 503-242-2472 (OR) and his web site at:
Olson, Joe E. S 70-71SP4 71B20
Ouchi, KentH 68-69 
Overton, Kenneth R. H 69-70 
Owen, Forrest C-1 71Prov Det 2 SP4 17B20
Owen, Wilber F. H 71SP4 36K20. Check 804-749-3410 (VA). Right age bracket.
Owens, Bobby B 68-6913A10
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Palmer, Nelson W. H 70-71PFC-71C20 Last known residence in Jamaica NY. Check 301845-4120 (MD). Right age bracket.
Padgett, Mark H 68-69 
Parlier, Thomas S. 68-69Capt. 1193
Parson, David H 71SP4 94B20
Pastoric, Thomas A. S 71SP4 71H20. Check 440-285-4822 (OH).
Paul, Steven E. A 71PFC 13A10. Not at 818-991-3602 (CA).
Pawlowsky, Jerome H 71SP4 82C20
Payne, Victor H.TXA 67-68Not at 716-467-6486 (NY).
Peacock, David R. C 69-70Cpt. BC. Not at 904-880-2781 (FL) and 904-880-3150 (FL).
Pena, Daniel A 68-69E4 13A10
Peralta, Edward, Jr. A 68-69E6 13B40
Peterson, Danny L. H 71SP4 17C20
Phillips, James R. A 68-69E4 94B20
Pichler, Gary A. S 70-71SP4 71B20. Not at 402-375-2718 (NE). Check 608-758-0719 (WI) Right age bracket.
Pierce, Arthur E. A 67-68SGT 13B40. Check 603-642-8103 (NH). Right age bracket.
Pierce, Jam C. A 68-69E6 63C40
Pierce, Richard W. 68-69Lt.
Pilalas, Damon A. A 68-69E4 13E20
Pinder, James B. H 68SSG 63C40
Planko, Thomas P. H 70-71PFC-05B20
Pocus, James D. H 70-71SP4-13A10. Check 931-779-3492 (TN). Right age bracket.
Potts, Eugene F. H 68SP4 13E20
Powell, James A. S 71SP4 36K20
Pratt, Thomas L.INB 69Assistant gunner on Gun #1. Not at 219-362-1811 (IN), 812-879-4370, or 518-644-5001 (NY), 206-525-8747 (WA). Check 812-879-4370 (IN) and 574-273-5205 (IN) for Thomas Pratt. All are in right age bracket.
Pritt, James C 70-71 
Prelta A 69-70Sgt. - Nickname 'Hippie'
Prendergast, David A 71PFC 82C20
Prosser, Richard L.ILH 69Lt. in FDC. Believed to be Richard L. Prosser or George T. Prosser (both 1193's). Not at 618-235-3989 (IL) and 260-925-2209 (IN). Check 865-691-7581 (TN) for George T. Prosser and 419-589-1918 (OH) for George L. Prosser.
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Ramey, Floyd M. H 68SSG 13D40
Ramsey, Wilbur W. H 68SP5 93F20
Rau, Leo H. B 70-7113A10. Check 920-452-7195 (WI)
Ray, Dan M.OK69-70From Del City - listed in Tulsa. Not at 918-583-3734 (OK).
Raymond, Edward H 71SP5 17C20
Reagan, Michael L. H 67-68Metro 93F. Lives near Dallas. Not at 469-366-5000 (TX). Check 817-556-2623 (TX). Right age bracket.
Reed, MichaelTX69-70Is believed to be Michael A. Reed - SP5 13E40. He has posted a listing in Classmates.com under Dong Ha 8/4th Arty. Check 254-305-3531 (TX), 713-697-8002 (TX), 512-990-9910 (TX), and 817-246-1769 (TX) for Michael A. Reed.
Reeves, Gary B. H 70-71SP4-05C20
Reid B 68-69SP4
Reilford, Jimmy L. H 71SP5 17D20
Reyes, Hugo M. H C 70-71Medic. [Note]
Reyes, Ruben A 67-68 
Rice, Arnold H. A 68-69E4 13E20
Rich, James R. H 70-71MSG-31G5K
Rich, John H. H 71SP4 17D20
Richardson, James E. 71GP LNO 2Lt
Richcreek, Donald L.IN69-70From IN. Check 616-782-6565 (MI).
Ricrelie, Daniel A 68SP4 13A10
Riley, Tracy C. H 68SP5 31B20
Riopelis, Daniel A 68-69E4 13A10
Rodgers, Lenard C. S 67-68Not at 334-962-2128 (AL). Check 618-262-5309 (IL). Right age bracket.
Rogers, John M. Jr.MO67-68Check 417-673-8643 (MO).
Rogers, Robert H. A 68-69E3 13A10
Rolly, Danny G. S 71SP4 13D30
Roman, Guillegio A 68-69E3 13A10
Roman, Marrerro C. S 71SSG 76Y40. Check 386-532-7119 (FL), 561-967-7229 (FL), and 832-251-2094 (TX).
Roper, Leroy H 67-68SP4. Driver for Maj, John Liwski. Infused out shortly after arriving in Vietnam. From TX or FL. Check 214-748-8767 (TX), 817-467-6249 (TX), 817-468-8114 (TX), and 915-751-0049 (TX).
Roper, MikeGAC 71From Atlanta. Gun #2. Not sure of first name. May be Dennis Roper 13A10. Not at 770-887-4469 (GA) or 678-450-9264 (GA). Check 706-795-2783 (GA).
Rosales, Raul H 71SP4 36K20
Roshmny, DaniellWA69-70From Seattle, WA.
Roth, Jay F. H 69SPC
Roughton, Jack L. S 71SFC 94B4H. Check 919-266-1907 (NC). Right age bracket.
Rudd, Thomas L III H 68SGT 91B40
Russell, David A. H 71SP4 13A10
Ryan, Robert F. A 71SP4 13A10
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Saia, John J. H 68CPT 3139
Salas, Jose H 67-68SP4 Cook.
Sanchez, Martin P. A 71SGT 13B40 Last known residence in Sinton TX. Not at 209-544-8606 (CA). Spanish answering maching at 650-322-5343 (CA). Check 650-566-8503 (CA).
Sanchez S 67-68Ssg Svc Btry maint
Sanchez-Rosario, Francisco 67-68 
Sanders, Larry L. H 71PFC 63B20
Sanders, Thomas T. H 68-69CW2 711A
Santos, LouisNYB 68-69Commo. Not at 518-786-7831 (NY) .Check 631-863-1279 (NY
Saunders, William W. A 71PFC 36K20 Gun #2. Check 860-667-2569 (CT), 808-931-1400, 808-921-2356 (HI), 410-931-2914 (MD), 814-623-4641 (PA), 864-963-8746 (SC), 817-277-3539 (TX), 210-829-1591 (TX), and 210-829-1593 (TX). All in right age bracket.
Savage, James L. B 71SP4 94B20
Saxon, John W. A 71SP5 63C20. Not at 256-839-6669 (AL).
Scheible, Johnny E. A 68-69E4 13A10. Not at 703-255-3902 (VA).
Schultz, Donald E. H 70-71PFC 13A10
Schultz, James R. B 71SP4 63C20
Schultz, John C.OK68-69FDC
Schultz, Robert N. A 67-68Not at 812-752-9682 (IN). Check 507-281-8317 (MN) and 504-828-3872 (LA).
Sebek, Douglas M. A 71SGT 13B40 Last known address in Herndon VA
Seeger, Lawrence C. 68-69Lt. 1193
Sell, Jeffrey R. A 68-69E3 63C20. Check 808-879-3008 (HI), 440-350-1694 (OH), 614-868-8202 (OH), 716-592-4512 (NY), and 716-592-4512 (NY). All are in the right age bracket.
Sellers, Frank W. S 71SP4 71B20. Not at 215-757-9683 (PA).
Sena, Vicente F. A 67-68Not at 813-889-0060 (FL).
Shanahan, Edward T. H 70-71SP4-82C20 Last known residence in Clarksville TN. Not at 415-731-1369 (CA).
Shaney, Benjamin 71E3 36K20
Sharp, Michel T. H 71SP4 76V20
Sharp, Robert A. 71Cpt
Shaw, Stephen N. H 681 Lt. 1193. Not at 505-258-1059 (NM), 805-654-1949 (CA), and 805-642-0128 (CA).
Sheehan, JOhn F. 68-69Lt. 1193
Shipman, Gerald W. A 68-69E4 13A10. Not at 573-893-3703 (MO).
Shoemaker, Herbert A H 70-71SP5-71H20 Last known address in Hephzibah or Dawsonville GA.
Shryock, Ricky L. A 68PFC 13A10
Shupel, Michael H 70-71SP4-93F20
Sierra, Daniel E. B 71SP4 13A10
Silcox, Wavurn J. B 71SP4 94B20
Simmons, Chris A 71PFC 13A10
Simmons, Gary C 71FDC
Simms, Leon B 70-71Check 601-638-6153 (MS) and 601-638-4467 (MS)
Simons, Patrick A 71PV2 13A10
Simpson B 68-69SP4
Singletary, Louis Jr. B 68-6913A10. Not at 504-947-4814 (LA).
Singleton B 68-69SP4
Singleton, Ernest D. A 71CPL 13B40 Last kown address in Waxahachie or Venus TX, Not at 361-782-2227 (TX).
Singleton, Eugene A 68PVT 36K20
Sipusic, Thomas L.  H 70-7113E20. Check 703-524-0742 (VA)
Smallwood S 68-69Sfc Bn. Maint.
Smith, Alan D. 68-69Capt. 1180
Smith, Benny E. H 70-71SP4-82C20
Smith, Bobby D. H 68SP4 82C20
Smith, Bruce G. H 70-71PFC-13E20
Smith, Glenn 245th Radar 71JJCarroll. SP6 26W40
Smith, Joe B 70-7113A10. Check 218-927-6217 (MN)
Smith, Kenneth B 71SP4 13A10
Smith, Terry M. H 71SSG 17D40
Snyder, Roderick W. H 68SP4 36K20
Sodders, Michael E. A 71PFC 13A10. Not at 631-585-4331 (NY). Check 909-242-9708 (CA).
Soto, RoyTXH 69SP4 in FDC. Check 210-733-5924 (TX), 210-733-5347 (TX), and 806)355-8130 (TX). Right age bracket.
Soza, Frank L. A 68-69E4 13A10. Not at 602-253-3930 (AZ).
Stagner, Galvin L. H 68SP4 36K20
Stamper, Thomas L. H 68SP4 13A20
Stanley, Russell D.WIH 67-6891B20
Staples, John P. H 71Cpt. Not at 316-683-8577 (KS) or 620-563-7374 (KS).
Stenger, Thomas G. H 71SP4 13F10
Stethem, Hyman D. A 71PV2 13A10. Not at 239-772-9662.
Steven, Ronald F. H 71SP4 94B20. Not at 410-833-8278 (MD) or 410-833-8398 (MD).
Stevens, Leroy B 68-69SSG--motor sergeant
Stevenson, James L. S 71SP4 13A10
Stinnett, Bryan E. H 71SP4 13E20
Stogner, Banuiel J. Jr. H 67-68 
Stoner, Walter G. H 70-71SP4-93E20. Check 740-536-7184 (OH), 616-641-7425 (MI), and 660-263-5382 (MO). Not at 330-948-5036 .
Strausberger, Jane H 70-71PFC-13E20
Street, Samuel L. H 68SFC 13B40
Strell, Frank H 67-68Not at 815-223-5995 (IL).
Stringer, Kent A 67-68Not at 903-463-4948 (TX), 903-463-6559 (TX), 903-892-8943 (TX) or 719-566-8399 (CO).
Sutton, Lamar M. H 70-71CSM-00Z50. Not at 334-735-3494 (AL).
Swaney, Benjamin R. H A? 70-71SP4-36K20. Check 724-785-3663 (PA), 336-851-9595 (NC), 919-518-1273 (NC), 864-225-2532 (SC), and 937-693-2383 (OH).
Swanson, Kent M. H A? 701lt, promoted to Cpt? Not at 309-757-7143 (IL).1lt, promoted to Cpt? Not at 309-757-7143 (IL).
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Tallman, Steven A. A 71SP4 63B40
Tankersley, Reynolds B 71SP4 13A10
Tasch, Stephen J. B 71SP4 13A10. Not at 815-337-3337 (IL).
Taylor, Eugene H. H 68SP4 13A10
Taylor, Ervin F. H 70-71SP4-94B20. Not at 610-353-0168 (PA).
Taylor, Harry E. 67-68Lt.
Thiede, WilliamA. H 71PFC 71H20. Not at 760-726-7113 (CA).
Thomas B 68-69SGT--ammo section chief 68-69
Thomas H? 70Cpt., short in height, sandy brown hair, was at Dong Ha
Thomas, Gerald D. H 71SP5 13E20
Thomas, Gerald R. S 71SGT 13B40
Thomas, L.A. H 71PFC 71H20
Thomas, Milton H 71SP4 93F20
Thompson, Donald L. S 71PFC 63B20
Tidwell, Albert. S H 68CW 2 631A0
Titus, Jerry L. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 26B20
Tolbert, James D. B 67-68Not 423-235-5327 (TN) or 859-643-5561 (KY).
Toman, Arthur J. Jr. 240th Radar 71FSB Elliot. SP5 17B20
Touriac, Richard B  
Traeger, Richard J. S 71SP4 52B20. Check 518-696-5165 (NY), 304-748-5686 (WV), 515-223-9083 (IA), and 406-228-4001 (MT).
Trahan, Carmen  Not at 802-893-4773 (KS).
Travis, Dwight E. S 71SP4 13A10
Treicher, Eugene L. 235th Radar 71A-2. SP4 17B20
Truman B 68-69E4. CO�s driver.
Trovoto, Anthony E. 245th Radar 71CW3
Tucker, Glenn E. Jr. 245th Radar 71JJ Carroll. SP4 17B20
Turner, Darrell O. A 71SP4 13 A10
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Underwood, Brian E. 70-71Not at 480-357-9788 (AZ).
Urena, Jose M. H B? 70-7176A10
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Van Allen, Edwin C. 68-69Lt.
Van Balan, Vincent H 71SP5 13E20 Not the one in Pittsburgh at 412-823-2205 (PA) (Bill Prichard)
Van Dyke, Jerry H 71SP4 13A10
Van Scyoc, Ronald R. H 70-71P4-36K20. Not at 717-534-1753 and 217-677-2540. Check 718-622-5188.
Vaughn, Robert L. B 71SSG 76Y40
Vavra, James A. H 70E2 P13A10. Not at 863-763-2837.
Vephinger, David L.VA69-70From Broadway, VA.
Vermilyea, Edward J. H 71SP5 63C20. Not at 315-853-1763
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Wackerly, Wayne C 67-68FDC
Wade, Andrew L. H 68PFC 13A10
Wade, Nathan J. CSP4 17C20. Check 281-999-4674 (TX). Right age bracket.
Wagner, BobAZ69-70Probably is Bobby L. Wagner. From Phoenix - listed in Tucson. Not at 517-882-6131 and 520-219-3053 (AZ).
Wagner, Dennis L. H 68CPT 1193
Wagner, Robert A. C 70-71SP4 13A10
Walker, John C 71FDC. Is probably John C. Walker 13E20 or John H. Walker 13E40.
Walker, Roosevelt H 71E7 13E40.
Wall, James W. H 68SP4 82C20
Wallace, RayLAC 67-68 
Wallace, William Arthur A 68-69E7 13B40
Wallgren, Gerald G. A 68-69E4 13A10
Walsh, Glen J. B 71SP4 13A10
Warf, Joe E. B 7113A10. Not at 586-573-8398.
Warner, NeilINB 69Not at 219-436-9868 (IN).
Waterman, Alan H 67-68SP4 36K20
Washington, Carlos J. B 71SP5 94B20
Washington, Earl L. H 68SP4 36K20
Weary, Johnny R. B 71SP4 36K20
Webb, Paul H 70-71PFC-52B20
Webb, Ronald L. S 71SP4 3A10
Webber, David CA69-70[Note]
Welch, Ray W. A 71SP4 63B20
Welch, William R. A 71SP4 36K20
Werner, Alan P.OHC 69-70Not at 614-855-9908 (OH) or 513-336-6488 (OH).
West, Leonard C 67-68 
West, Phillip C 67-68 
Westby, Jesse A. B 70-71E5 63C40
Wheat, James T. A 71SP4 13A10. Not at 803-798-8621 (SC) and 859-733-9774 (KY).
White, Benjamin T. H 70-71SFC-13E40
White, Charles B. S 68Received PH 10 Mar 68 according to Bill Tredennick
White, Franklin H 70-71SSG-31G40
White, James E. A 71SP4 13A10
White, NolanCA?C 68-69E-4 Battery recorder
White, TomCAC 67-6813E. From Sasalito, CA. Nickname: Hippie.
White, William T. Jr. A 71SGT 13B40 Last known address is 31 Needles Drive, Ocala FL with a non-published number.
Whitehead, Robert T. Prov Det 3 71A-4. SSG 17B40
Whitfield, Thomas E. B 71SP4 13A10.
Wickens, Keith F. H 71SP4 13A10.
Wickman, David E. H 70-712nd LT. Not at 906-563-5907 (MI) and 248-348-4308 (MI).
Widdel, John H. H 70-71SP4-05C20. Check 712-859-3804 (IA). Right age bracket.
Wiggins, Eugene S. B 71SP6 94B40. Not at 859-623-1959 (KY) and 859-623-1315 (KY).
Wiley, Earnest B. H 71SP5 82C20. Not at 985-649-6949 (LA).
Wilkes, TommyGAC 69From Savanah, GA.
Williams, Gene T. H 70-71PFC-13A10
Williams, Johnny D. A 71PFC 13A10
Williams, Johnny W. 67-68 
Williams, Robert A 71SSG 13B40
Williams, Robert E. H 71SP5 17D20
Williams, Steven L. 239th Radar 71Dong Ha. SP4 17B20
Willinghan, Donald R. A 71SP4 13A10. Not at 660-291-3445 (MO). Is the spelling of the last name correct?
Willis, Robert H 71SP4 17C20
Willis, Steven H 70-71SP4-93E20
Willis, Thomas E. H 70-71SP5-82C20
Willyard, Robert H 71SP4 17D20
Wilson, Ira L. A 71PFC 13A10. Not at 915-573-2321 (TX) and 409-429-5231 (TX). Check 510-261- 8728 (CA) and 765-762-6290 (IN). Right age bracket.
Wilson, Larry R. H 70-71PFC-13A10
Wilson, Lloyd F. A 68-69E4 36K20. Not at 931-268-0112 (TN).
Wilson, Terry M. A 71SP4 13A10
Winegard, Harold J. A 68-69E4 16B20
Winkler, Kenneth J. H 71SP4 63B20. Check 412-787-5431 (PA). Right age bracket.
Winston, Joe H 69FDC, Transferred to 5th Mech as FO.
Woodden, Timothy F. H 70-71SP4-93F20.
Woods, Francis D. A 68SP4 13A10
Woods, GregoryCAH 67-68 
Woods, Johnny A 71PFC 13A10. Gun #2
Woody, James W. A 71SFC 13F4M
Woser, Ronnie K. H 68SP4 82C20
Wright, Arthur W.INA 68-69E5 13E20. [Note]
Wright, Kenneth D. H 70-71SP4-91B20.Not at 785-597-5392 (KS) or 785-597-5956(KS).
Wright, LarryINH 71 
Wright, Leo H 70-71SSG-76Y40
Wright, TomAZ108 Gp 69-70[Note]
Wycoff, Michael A. H 71SSG 13E40. Not at 812-294-4904 (IN) and 765-429-4670 (IN). Check 607-582-7654 (NY) and 707-253-7155 (CA).
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Yankey, Michel U. (Mike) H 69Not at 918-491-6361. Check 641-423-5296.
Young, James A. A 71Living in Clarksville TN. Marty Hauser left message for him at 931-552-9689 but Young never returned the call.
Young, James R. A 67-68 
Young, Jerry W. H 71SP4 93F20
Young, Steve A. B 68-69Lt. Click Here for numbers in proper age bracket 
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Zahn, Timothy A 68PFC 13A10
Zellner, Wayne F. SP4 13E20 
Zimmer, ___ H 68-69 
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