Our Move by LST
From Da Nang to Dong Ha
By Carl Lanier

The battalion arrived in Da Nang on August 12, 1967. On August 16, 1967, A, C, Headquarters, and Service Batteries, began to load on to LSTís to commence their journey to Dong Ha. I donít remember how many ships were required for the move. A Battery loaded its 4 guns, the FDC track, the XO's 1/4 ton, and all of the firing battery personnel. As soon as we got out of port and out of sight, the shipís crew broke out the beer, and a trail of beer cans followed. The Captain of the ship asked us not to throw any cans overboard while we were passing the White Elephant (that is where the admiral lived and worked). Later when we broke out the C-Rats for supper, the shipís crew said they had plenty of food for all, and we had steaks and maybe lobster. Later when we arrived at the Cua Viet river north of Dong Ha, the shipís crew threw hand grenades overboard as we went along to prevent NVA frogmen from damaging the boat. We disembarked at Dong Ha and moved to our firing positions.

While registering our first gun, we hit an NVA POL dump near the crossroads. We all ran out to see the smoke coming from the NVA POL dump. That was a good beginning for us.

Later the battery headquarters, mess, commo and maintenance arrived by convoy with the rest of the Battalion that had left Da Nang.

Carl Lanier