Sappers in the Wire?
Or Was It Just a Mad Moment?
By Larry L. Martin

Gun 4 was responsible for having two men on Bunker 8 every night. The commo platoon would also send one man. We would get to the bunker at 18:00. Everyone would stay awake until 21:00, then we would start our three-hour shifts, leaving the bunker at 6:00 the next morning. I believe Gun 1 was responsible for Bunker 7. One night, just as darkness set in, one of the guys from Bunker 7 yelled over to us and said "Get down". They yelled again and said "Are you guys down?" We assured them we were. One of them threw a fragmentation grenade at our bunker. Needless to say, it shook us up a bit. Dick Munn had a few words to say about their ancestry and then said "Watch this." He pulled the M-60 machine gun from the front slit and stuck it out the side and opened up on their RPG screen. Bullets and sparks were flying every which direction. After about half of a belt of ammo, one of the guys stuck an M-16 out of the slit on our side with a piece of white material on it, waving it back and forth. Dick stopped firing, and everything got back to normal until the sergeant of the guard, SSG Menifee, showed up.

After the obligatory ass chewing he went back to the FDC bunker and we all had a good laugh. What a life.