Our Pact with One Gun Charlie
By Carl Lanier

I remember one time when LTC. Barnes, Maj. Kindt and CSGM Bordelon came to A Battery at Camp Carroll for a visit. As soon as they got there they got out of the 1/4 T. Col. Barnes said "Lanier, do you stack everything on conex containers?" Maj Kindt just stood there and glared a a bright orange water tank with an immersion heater in it. CSM Bordelon asked 1st Sgt Arena "Where did Lt. Lanier got that water tank?" It seems that there was an engine container that came up missing from Battalion Maintenance that was supposed to be the SGM's shower. About that time we got 4 rounds of incoming and every one headed for the bunkers. I was with the Bn CO when the rounds hit. I told him not to worry, "That was One Gun Charlie. He said "One Gun charlie?" I said "yes we had a land line to him, and when we got some brass in the area we would call and get a few rounds so the brass would leave." I told him we had a reciprocal agreement, and I fired a few rounds for One Gun Charlie when his brass came for a visit. I wonder what ever happened to that old water tank?