A Party at the Rock Pile
By Rob Wilson


It had been a rough night at the Rock Pile. Our gun had fired about 40 rounds of 175mm rounds (about 3 tons of ammo). After a delicious breakfast of powdered eggs and rubber bacon we went back to the bunker to get some sleep. That afternoon Sgt. "Hippie" came in banging a canteen cup with a K-Bar knife yelling for everyone to fall out for formation. "What the hell is this Sgt.? We fired all night. We're off duty!!" "That is an order!" he said with a smile.

We grudgingly stomped out and fell into a rough formation. Standing next to an object covered with a tarp was mess Sgt. Cotton.

"Gentlemen I have called you here today to help me celebrate my birthday. Any volunteers?" he said as he removed the tarp to reveal a real keg of beer in a 50 gallon drum full of ice.

A cheer went up and there was no shortage of volunteers and no one went back to sleep that day. We all enjoyed the draft that day!!