Guns of the DMZ in Vietnam


8th Battalion 4th Artillery Photographs
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Adams, Charles
8 Inch at Rock Pile C Battery
Tower View of FSB Fuller Adams Loved to Fill Sand Bags At Rockpile
Army River Boat Like That Used on Qua Viet Near Dong Ha - Photo by Mickey Loyd - 1969
Alexander, Harold
Changing Tubes [1] Changing Tubes [2] Silloutte 3 Guns at Night Gun Bunker
Gunners Site View of Guns Ship Travel to Vietnam [1] Ship Travel to Vietnam [2]
Belia, Terry
Metro Tent 1967 Building Bunkers 1967 Building Medical Bunker
Boyle, Robert
175mm Gun Upsided by Mine on Rt. 9
Brauning, Leon
Khe Sanh Museum - U.S. Troops Firing 175 Gun Leon Brauning At Saigon Museum
Saigon Museum - Markings on U.S. 175mm Gun [1] Saigon Museum - Markings on U.S. 175mm Gun [2]
Saigon Museum - U.S. 175mm Gun
Brodie, Don
Article on Activation of 8-4-Arty Crater Created in Front of Occupied Crapper
Brudke, Werner
Ammo Convoy moving through the shadow of death Ammo Convoy Ammo Teamsters
Chambers, Darrell
175 Fire Mission in 1967 View from Hill 65 Setting Up at Hill 65 Above Song Vu Ghia River
Champ, Dennis E.
Mud Walking - 1Lt Champ and SFC Davis Gun 4 Mascot 1Lt. Champ's Home as ARVN FO
Cunningham, Chris
Fire for Effect FDC Outdoors At FSB Gunner
Travel to FSB Gunner Changing the 175mm Tube
Drury, Ken
Flares at the Punch Bowl Near Route 9 Lt. Boggs Strategizes for Serious Fire Mission
The Punch Bowl We Hope the Commo Officer Made a Map
8-4th Arty Uses Mortars for Perimeter Defense.
Gazzaway, Don
C Battery DMZ Bunker 1970 C Battery Gun 1 Crew 1970
C Battery Gun Muddy Gun Pad at Con Thien
Rembering The Red Dirt on the DMZ The 204# Projos Were Not for the Little People
Powder Bunker Hit By Rocket Helping Hand with Tracks at Con Thien
A-4 Looking East A-4 Looking West
C Btry - Gun 1 and Bunker FSB A-4
Gun 2 In Fire Mission Short Timers
Unloading Projo  
Griffin, Jim
Young Metro Man Griff at Camp Carroll Metro Lived Like Kings
Old Man Grif
Keeping Peace in Eurpope Years Later [1]
Old Man Grif and Boys
Keeping Peace in Eurpope Years Later [2]
Growkowski, Jerry
Raid from Carroll - Jan 1971
Harrell, Jim
Survey Crew at Khe Sanh 1971 Firing the 400,000th Round
Bam Dang at Khe Sanh Jim Harrell and Vietnamese Friends
Hauser, Marty
Chow Time in the Ashau Sleeping Quarters in the Ashau
Puppy That Was KIA by NVA Short Lived USO Show on C-2
Sleeping Quarters at the Ashau Hilton DMZ Hilton at C-2 at Dong Ha
Writing Letters Home  
Jackson, Bruce
Dong Ha Ammo Dump Hits: 1968 [1] 1968 [2] 1968 [3]
Jenson, Arnie
B4 Enroute to Khe Sanh Birth Control Fire Mission
Johnson, Terry
Jim Tighe - FO KIA May 1971 Captured Enemy Weapons Captured RPG
Lanier, Carl
Moving Guns to Dong Ha by Boat
Lundrigan, Ted
50 Cal. Upon Return to Khe Sanh 175mm Direct Fire
175mm Direct Fire Impact Vietnam's Backdrop for Field and Stream
8-4 Arty Aid Station Near Laos .
Martin, Larry
Winter Olympics on the DMZ Donut Dollies Perform at DMZ Palace
David and Our Dog Boot Admiral McCain Joins Troops for a Hot Miller
Mazur, Jerry
Bunker Building at Hill 65 Christmas 1968 in Vietnam
McBurney, Russell
Weather Balloon Bridge Over Ben Hai C Battery Gun Pit
Jet Bombing Near Dong Ha Loading Dock at Dong Ha McBurney and 175mm Gun
McBurney and Sand Bags 8 Inch Gun Pit .
McCormack, Robert
Battalion In Route By Sea
Mitchell, James
My Great Patch Job By a Great Medic [Left] Ashau Valley 1968 [1] Ashau Valley 1968 [2]
Morris, Steve
C Battery at Khe Sanh - Lam Son 719 [1] C Battery at Khe Sanh - Lam Son 719 [2]
Our Flowerchild David Lurix - Lam Son 719 Our 1971 FDC FADAC Pentium IV 1.5 GHz
Navarro, Roger
Bunker Life at Carroll [1] Bunker Life at Carroll [2]
Nelson, Larry
A Battery Aftermath at Rock Pile A WIA Truck 1968 at Rock Pile
Going to Cam Lo from Dong Ha FDC Bunker at Carroll - 1968
Oleyn, Ed
Direct Fire at Vandergrift 1971
Potter, Mike
Moon Craters of the DMZ 1970
Prichard, Bill
Elegant Dining at Khe Sanh Papa Sanh Bill Prichard
Schmidt, Roger
S--- Burning Duty Stars & Stripes Article
Sigmon, Ross
Arc Light Near Con Thien [1] Arc Light Near Con Thien [2]
Slater, Bob
FSB Sarge [1] FSB Sarge [2] Lonely Observation Post at FSB Sarge
Quad 50's at FSB Sarge FSB Sarge In the Evening
Stevenson, Scott
Firing from An Hoa
Stogdell, Ray
B Btry Gun #3 Air Strike Downed Chinook
Sugg, Dick
Return to Vietnam - 2000
Sundber, Joseph T.
175mm Gun Named Ball Buster 175mm - FIRE!
Truitt, Chuck
FSB Fuller After It Was Over Run
Van Sluis, Danny
MPC $1.00 [1] MPC $1.00 [2] MPC $1.00 [3] MPC $1.00 [4]
MPC $  .10 [1] MPC $  .10 [2] MPC $  .25 .
Webster, Robert
Gun 2 at Carroll Vandergrif Raid Blowing Mines on Route 9
Route 9 Bridge Fire Mission at Carroll .
Wells, Wayne
Weston, Dee
Visit from ARVN General Lam Visit from ARVN General Ky
White, Charles
122mm Rocket Crater 175's Covering Different Directions
Delivery to DMZ During Tet 1968 Mopping The Bore
Very Cheap 122mm Rocket Launchers My WIA 3-4 Truck
Hill 65 Overlooking Song Vu Ghia River Travel to DMZ 1968
KIA Tent Highway Sign Between Hue and Quang Tri
Snoopy a/k/a Puff the Magic Dragon Martha Ray on Ammo Box Stage
Trail Cooking Truck Wheels Damaged by Mine
Ashau Valley - 1968 
White, Mike
Aerial View of Camp Carrol Come and get it!!!
Wilson, Rob
Changing Worn Out 175 Gun Tubes at the Rock Pile 130mm Artillery Incoming at the Rock Pile [1]
View of Bombing from the Rockpile 130mm Artillery Incoming at the Rock Pile [2]
Dorsey with a Projo at the Rock Pile Firing Always Shakes My Camera
Incoming Mortars KIA Jeep
Ramming That 175 Round Sunny Day at the Rock Pile
View from Bunker at Rock Pile View of the Rock Pile
Vung Tau of the DMZ What is this? Do you know?
War and Peace With Power Brass Visit to the Rock Pile
Panoramic Incoming .
Youmans, Tommy
Sheridan Rock Pile 1968
Yrigoyen, David
175mm Gun at Camp Carroll [1] - 1968 175mm Gun at Camp Carroll [2] - 1968
175mm Gun at Camp Carroll [3] - 1968 Aerial Bombing - 1968
Dong Ha [1] Dong Ha [2]
Dong Ha [3] Watching the Dong Ha Ammo Dump Blow
Zahn, Ken
Trusting the Barber With M-16 Rifle in Lap Train at Hue
Tower at Dong Ha Ambulance in Elephant Grass Near Khe Sanh
8-4's Five Star Restaurant at Dong Ha Lucille the Ambulance
M-16 Fishing Vacation 8 Inch Firing At Con Thien
Six Medics Birth Control - Gun 2
Road to Khe Sanh .
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