Our Trip to Vietnam
On the USS Upshur
[Powdered Eggs or What]
By Meryl Williams"

I remember the sea cruise on the USS Upshur when the battalion went to Vietnam in the summer of 1967. After a few days out we hit some fairly rough seas. Being a land lover, I had never experienced this phenomena. We were stacked in tiers like hammocks fairly high. I don't remember how many tiers, but I do remember getting up to go to the head. It was up some stairs or whatever the swabbies call them. As I opened the door (they call it a bulkhead), another troop was entering the hold (or whatever it was called). he started to puke, and so did I at the same time (contagious I guess). As I stepped out on the main deck I slipped in a lot of yellow puke (powdered eggs??). So I thought I would puke over the side instead of further messing up the deck. As I lost my gut, the wind blew it right back in my face. Glad I was in the Army instead of the Navy, that is until I got to Vietnam. The story was a little or a lot different there depending on the day and the circumstance.