Murder of the Strack Quack
Of the DMZ
By John Stonerock

We should also remember Quack Quack C Btry pet duck that followed me around every where I went. Even when I went to the Mess Hall he would follow and wait in line with the rest waiting for the Mess to open. When they opened the doors he would run in and wait for someone to give him something to eat. When no one would give him anything he would peck them on the leg until he got something. I remember many times one of the men would yell at me "Lt. call Quack Quack he's pecking the hell out my leg." I would inform them to throw him something and he would stop. If he wondered off somewhere, all we had to do was call his name and he would come running.

He was the best guard we had for the bunker. If any one would try and come in the bunker at night, he would raise enough hell to wake the dead.

When we had our CMI Inspection(by the way Quack Quack hung around the Motor Pool most of the time)at the Motor Pool, the inspector didn't have anything to inspect because I put every vehicle we had on Dead Line, he inspected Quack Quack. I still have that Inspection Report. Yes he passed with flying colors.

For some dumb reason Quack Quack lost his life at the Motor Pool one day when I had to go to the rear. One of the men in the motor pool thought it would be funny to kill him and put a grave marker with his name on it. Who ever did this found out it wasn't so funny by the men in the Btry. I think he will be remembered by most of the men in C Btry. Quack Quack was the only thing killed at A4 during my tour 69-70.