Guns of the DMZ in Vietnam


Most of the stories below are included in "Lest We Should Forget" by the 8th Battalion 4th Artillery, Copyright 2004.
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8th Battalion 4th Artillery Member Stories
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Adams, Charles
When Firebase Fuller Was Overran
Cobra Gunship Downed Near Our Perimeter
An Enlisted Man�s Ill-Conceived Notion of Dining Inequality - Maybe in the Navy But Never in the Army
Fatigue Fashion - The Untold Story
Firing Across the DMZ at the Night-Lighted NVA Flag
Driving a 5-Ton Truck in High Pucker Factor Mode Through an Ambush Site While Loaded With 175mm Ammunition
Anthology of Rat Stories
Were the Bad Guys Stealing Us Blind From Our Own Hooches?
Vietnam Chronology
Borger News Herald
In Honor of Loyd V. McCarthy, Jr. - An Original Member of the 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
Bowen, Francis E.
Rembrances of 40 Years Ago Today, February 18, 2011, Trying to Save the Life of Donald Gibler
Brett, Joe
All the World�s a Stage
Brodie, Don
The Day That an Incoming 122mm Rocket Rolled the Outhouse with Me Inside
The "Army" I Knew
My First Introduction to Vietnam
Champ, Dennis
Certificate of Membership Given in Honor of Soldier - Dennis Deerman
Constantino, Paul J.
Vietnam Jargon Headed for History
Csendes, Bela
Reminiscing about the Rock Pile, A Battery and 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
Cunningham, Chris
It Was a Sad Day When the Army Took Away Our Dogs
A Redleg Poem
Davenport, Bill
Why South Vietnam Lost the War
Firing Across the DMZ at the Night-Lighted NVA Flag
Anthology of Rat Stories
When My Father Finished My Last Battle on My Return Home from Vietnam
Daily Sentinental
Certificate of Membership Given in Honor of Deceased Soldier Dennis Deerman
DeHerrera, Ava
Memorial Dedication Speech by One of Our Own Daughters
Events Database
A Devastating Direct Hit on a Bunker at C-2 on 21 May 1971
Emme, Darrell
Gun 2 Lost Two Good Men Today
Flores, A. Luis (Rick)
My Image of Vietnam That Always Lingers
When I Did Too Good of a Job Following Orders
Fountain, Woody
Anthology of Rat Stories
Fulton, Al
When Firebase Fuller Was Overran
Anthology of Rat Stories
Genco, Allen V.
Reflections on Coming Home and Afterward
Ghio, Eugene
When the 8/4th Killed Two NVA Tanks and an NVA Helicopter
Gibson, Jack L.
When I Was Stranded in Khe Sanh Valley with a Deadlined Jeep - Alone!
Green, Gary
When Firebase Fuller Was Overran
Haberer, Mike
Building Our First Command Bunker after Arriving at Dong Ha
Hauser, Marty
Different Sets of Letters Home
My Canine Friend
Orienting the new "Boot" to Incoming
Anthology of Rat Stories
Herrera, Armando
Fire the Artillery
Hoglan, Curtis F.
A Memorial Day Tribute to SFC George Washington Pierce (Pops)
Holbrook, Bruce
The Gap Filler
Iannacone, Al
When Our Duece and Half Found a Road Mine on Route 9 That the Marines Could Not Find
Jackson, Lonnie
Good Whiskey Gone
Johnson, Terry
Combat Action of an 8/4th Soldier While Attached to the 3/5th Cavalry
Kindt, Bill
On Activation of the Battalion
A Friendly Fire Causalty Which Was Not Our Fault - Paying Our Respects to the Marines
Someone Back Home Loved Us - A Gift to the Battalion
My Role in Developing a Classified Weapon for Vietnam
Knowles, Squire W.
Loss of My Good Friend Arkie Wright
An Instant Solution For a Major [Colonel] Problem
La Vernia News
Fellow Veterans of Eighth Battalion Fourth Artillery Present Certificate of Membership
to Local Veteran s Family
Lanier, Carl
Our Move by LST from Da Nang to Dong Ha
Killing an NVA Tank, Shooting at Co Roc, and Shooting for Khe Sanh
When Our 175's Saved the Marines Giving the SPLASH Warning on a Close Contact Fire Mission
A Fire Mission for the U.S. Navy - Teaching Basic Gunnery to the Navy [And Common Sense 101]
Our Pact with One Gun Charlie
Elimination of Khe Sanh Bound Helicopter Dust
When a Father and Son Conned the Army and Marines
Why Won't This 175mm Gun Fire? Did We Keep the Powder Dry?
Lanza, Paul
Traditional Old Gags Pulled on New Gunners
Anthology of Rat Stories
Lohr, John F.
Coming Home to a World of Patriots and Protestors
Lundrigan, Ted
War Time Medical Care for All Ranks and Occasions
The Common Denominator of Medics, Red Mud and Clean Weapons
Martin, Larry
The Bob Hope Show at Camp Evans and Our Amazing Return to the DMZ
Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Con Thien
Sappers in the Wire? Or Was It Just a Mad Moment?
The Secret of Operation Mongoose A-4
Meeting the Family of Our Last Man Killed In Vietnam
Matlock, Robert
The Bunkers of the DMZ
My Tour of Duty During Early 1968, C-1, Camp Carroll, Firing for Khe Sanh, Friendly Fire, and Our Loss to a Road Mine
When We Sunk a 175mm Gun and a VTR in the Mighty Dong Ha River
Mazur, Gerald F.
What? You never had Jungle Training or Fired an M-16 Before Going to Vietnam
An Hoa Remembered
When the Marines Would Not Listen, and Ordered Us to Shoot in the Rain
Thanks to the Marines We "Thought" Our Wrecker Problem Was Solved
A Rite of Passage For One Very Cool Lieutenant
The Lieutenant Who Wasn�t
When I Was the M-16 Santa Claus
Sgt. Kilo Sinks Two Tracked Vehicles
Saving a Recon Patrol That Was Out of Range
Warning! Inspect the Chamber Before Pulling Trigger on an Unloaded Rifle
Igor�s Adventures Upon Leaving the Fabulous DHCB
A Fair Trade with the Marines
Visit From A Thief In The Night
McCarthy, Loyd Van [Killed in action]
In Honor of Loyd V. McCarthy, Jr. - An Original Member of the 8th Battalion 4th Artillery
McComb, John
The Battlefield Memorial Service
Modelowitz, Lester
Writing What Might Be My Last Letter While Trapped for 17 Hours In a Collapsed Bunker
Murray, Thomas
An Artillery Aerial Observer's Most Vicious Six Weeks of the War
Surviving a Crash Over Laos
New York Post
Hanoi Jane Ghosts Scare Fonda From Lawyers Convention
O'Neill, Brian M.
The Marines Get 175mm Guns
When Laos Became a Part of South Vietnam So That B Battery Could Shoot at Co Roc in Laos
Hospitality Pays Off
Our Search for William K. Curry - Seriously Wounded in Action
My Second Tour in Vietnam - When the Easter Offensive Started on March 30th, 1972
My Second Tour in Vietnam - When Historical Curiosity Caused Me to Miss My Appointment with Death
Pollari, Keith
Enemies No More
The Invasion of DaNang by the 8th Bn 4th Arty - Was It Just a Routine Assault Landing?]
Prichard, Bill
A Tale of Derring Do or (Chew) Lam Son 719
Prisk, Court
My Investigation into the Battle at Khe Gio Bridge - Recommendation for High Recognition for Valor
The First 175mm Artillery Raid of 1970
Battalion Commander LTC. Isaac Smith (now Maj. Gen. Ret.)
Pryor, Woody
When the Marines Would Not Listen, and Ordered Us to Shoot in the Rain
With Friends Like This I Don�t Need Enemies
A Scientific Analysis Mostly
Rinck, Jim
Hunting for Dong Ha - We�ve Almost Run Out of Map and Ain�t Found it Yet
Rutherford, Ed
Battling the NVA While Attached to the 3/5th Cavalry
Scanelli, Tony
It's Scary - Firing Heavy Artillery Close to Friendly Troops
Shifflett, Doug
Ambush Between Dong Ha and Camp JJ Carroll
Sigmon, Ross
Trying to Leave RVN, My Last Battle (in Civvies), and the Freedom Bird(s)
Skeen, Leon
OH-6 Experiences
Slater, Bob
A Lonely But Interesting And Exciting Assignment - Fire Support Base Sarge
Smith, Bill
"Hey LT, I Hear You Go Khe Sanh" - Dedicated to my sincere friend, Dai Uy Kim
Smith, JoAnne
I Stayed Home
Snipes, Lee
A Direct Hit on a Bunker Near the DMZ- One of the Worst Days of My Life
When Firebase Fuller Was Overran
Anthology of Rat Stories
Stevenson, Scott
My Fifteen Days of Hell At An Hoa in 1969
Strohm, Richard
Surviving a Downed Helicopter Crash - The Worst Day of My Life
Stonerock, John
Urinal Blasted by a 175mm Gun
Murder of the Strack Quack of the DMZ
Sugg, Dick
Travel Back to Vietnam - May 2001
Certain Reporters Barred from DMZ Area for Erroneous Reporting on 8/4th
Restrictions on Firing into North Vietnam in 1971
Swert, Mike
It's Scary - Firing Heavy Artillery Close to Friendly Troops
When FDC Lost Communication with the Guns During a Hot Fire Mission
When Gun 4's Crew Missed Its Appointment with Death
Talley, Joe L.
Air America Comes Through for a Top Priority Supply Item
A Week In a Drum With A Vacuum Cleaner
CW 4 Robert "Heavy" Boyles My Vietnam Mentor and Friend
Just A guy Named Brodie
Our Time in History
Hurricane" Robert W. (Bill) Kindt
I Was There When Good Men Died
The Parade
The Day the Rains Came
Reunion 2000
Watches Win Wars
Tarini, Al
When Lt. Stu Binkley Was Killed
Umland, Art
Anthology of Rat Stories
Various Contributors
History of the 8th Bn 4th Field Artillery Vietnam - 1967-1971
Vicksburg Post
To David Province - Hero of the Fighting Spirit
Wade, Alec D.
The Day We Blew U.S. Senator Chuck Robb's Mess Hall Down and How We got to Hill 65 in The First Place
The Direct Fire Mission
Wells, Wayne
Gun Explodes at the Rock Pile
When Our M-548 Track Ran Over Two Marines
White, Charles G.
The Direct Fire Mission
When Shooting NVA Was Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel (almost)
The Doctor Hawkeye Pierce of Christmas of 1968
A Most Appreciated Gift from my Father While I Was In Vietnam
Training for Vietnam Via Panama
The Day That Martha Raye Came
Saving a Recon Patrol That Was Out of Range
A Doggie's Short Trip at Sea
Aircraft Friendly Fire When Absolutely Nothing Was Happening
White, Michael G.
The KIA Sleeping Bags
Williams, Meryl K.
Our Trip to Vietnam on the USS Upshur [Powdered Eggs or What]
How Captain Donald E. Lee Gained My Respect
The Vietnam War is Over
Wilson, Rob
A Party at the Rock Pile
Wood, James Wilborn [Killed in action]
Fellow Veterans of Eighth Battalion Fourth Artillery Present Certificate of Membership
to Local Veteran s Family
Wright, Ashley W.
Another Deadly Deadly Rocket Attack - July 1969
The Sapper Attack - June 1969
Zahn, Ken
Driving the Ambulance into a Fire Fight at Night
To Heaven and Back
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