Sgt. Kilo Sinks Two Tracked Vehicles
By Gerald F. Mazur

When Tropical Storm Bess hit Hill 65 West of of Da Nang in late August of 1968, we were not as prepared as we should have been. After a few days, our supplies ran low and we could not get re-supplied, except by helicopter, as we were surrounded by water. Sgt. Kilo decided to go for supplies and took a tracked ammo carrier, an M-548 which can "swim" across slow moving water, providing that the back door is closed.

After his vehicle sank in several feet of water, Sgt. Kilo returned to Hill 65 and got another heavy, tracked vehicle to pull the M-548 out of the water. He took the FDC's APC, an M-577 which also had "swimming" ability. Unfortunately, being in a hurry, he forgot to ask or check for himself if the 6" plug in the APC's belly had been installed.

Undaunted by this second sinking, Sgt. Kilo returned to the hill and went back to retrieve the two sunken vehicles with a deuce-and-a-half. Luckily, this vehicle was fitted for operating in the chin-deep water.