Urinal Blasted by a 175mm Gun
By John Stonerock

I remember when I got in land and assigned to C Btry, I had to stop over at B Battery for one night and of all people to bunk up with was my instructor at Fort Sill, Lt. Barbara. That night I laid in the top bunk and the rats were playing right by my head. I couldn't even hit at them because the bunk was only big enough to lay flat. If that wasn't enough I had to take a leak and went outside and found the piss tube. (See photograph by Rob Wilson - "Do You Know What This Is?" ). I found it and right in the middle of what I was doing I saw a red light and someone yelling "stand by" and I realized I was standing right in front of a 175mm gun. The next thing I remembered was picking myself up off the ground about 5 feet away. I was glad to leave the next day. I always remember that and felt sorry for anyone that had to operate the 175mm gun. The 8" were bad but not as bad as the 175's