The Vietnam War is Over
By Meryl K. Williams

A woman once told me a couple of years ago that the Vietnam War was over and that she was tired of hearing about the damn thing. So instead of blowing up I sat down and wrote my thoughts down instead of wasting my breath on her ignorance:

THE VIETNAM WAR IS OVER. This is true as far as our present daily lives and situations are apparent to us, but for some individuals, the Hell of War will never be over. If you Were virtually not touched by the incidents of Vietnam and your life was untouched by its brutality and blood letting, shellings, loss of friends and relatives. Or if you weren't even born, then yes, I guess it is over. But over or not, never belittle or take lightly the sacrifices that our Airmen, Naval, Army and Marine Corps Troops made.. And the fact that when their country called they responded and did the job in spite of the unpopularity of the cause. They didn't run to Canada or jump into college or cowardly hide behind so called principles or their mother's skirts. Afraid or not, they responded and adhered to their patriotic duty. Those people are the real Americans. These are the people that could and can still be counted on. So when you say "The Vietnam War is Over," think again, there are still casualties falling every day.


Meryl K. Williams