To Heaven and Back
By Ken Zahn

Our sleeping bunker at A-4 (Con Thien) in the early summer of 1971 is where I developed a love for the "Temptations" - Papa was a Rolling Stone. One of the occupants of the bunker acquired a window air conditioner, and installed it at the end of the bunker wall.

As I was listening to the Temptations while enjoying the new air conditioning, the thought came to me "Here I am at sitting near the end of the word at the DMZ in Vietnam listening to the Temptations with real air conditioning. Life is almost good except for all the incoming and my job." My reverie was short-lived. Within 24 hours the air conditioner was pelted with shrapnel rendering it inoperable. Again, I was doomed to endure the summer heat just like a regular soldier on the DMZ.

The air conditioning was a great idea, but short lived.

Ken Zahn
Medic 1970-1971